Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year List

So it is time of the year again for resolution. Here is my ultimate list for this year:

1. Get more sleep.

2. Drink more water.

3. Get more exercise.

4. READ more.

5. Get more organized.

6. Clean more often.

7. Explore more.

8. Relax more.

9. Have more PATIENCE.

10. Forget doing 'more' and just doing my BES.

Seems more achievable.

Happy New Year 2015. I had a good time celebrating. Did you?

Yours truly.

Monday, December 29, 2014

To Give More Than To Receive

It is coming to the end of the year. Another year of ups and downs. Another year of laughter and tears. Doing reflection of what I had on my resolution list earlier this year, I was pondering on my level of achievement. Resolution to lose weight certainly was no where close. But I remember that my absolute resolution this year was to give more than to receive. I had to remind myself constantly that it is important to be grateful for every little things I have or do not have in life. It is always easier said than done.

There are things that happened in the past that has changed the person I am. I know I have to move on from this fateful incident and I believe that I have. A part of me will always remained shattered reasoning why I do not have the courage to see you eye to eye like those days. I pray that one day this will change but for starters here is my take on giving more. Gift of forgiveness and peace offering.

"27th December 2014. Heartiest congratulations to you both as you mark your journey together. Well wishes and many more happiness from me sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

Forgive me that I could not present myself to be there to celebrate this happy and joyful day. I still do not have the guts to face you both, though there is no room for any hatred and vengeance in my heart. Surely there was anger, hurt and pain initially but I have learned the fact that these are all part of God's greater plan for everyone. Likesaid, blood is thicker than water. Know that you have you my blessings."

I look forward to a better year in 2015 and the curtains draws down for stage 2014. Many good things await for those who believe. Have faith and keep on believing.

Yours truly.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Untitled August

We are already in the eighth month of this year. Many things happened since I last wrote (during new year? Haha!)

One significant event that took place is the transition in my career. Had a promotion and I was transferred to a new branch. I am now back in the branch where I started in the bank. Nonetheless, Jalan Perpaduan Branch left me with many bitter sweet memories. It was the people in there that has built and made me the banker I am today. I could not thank God enough for this bunch of people that He made me a family to work with to kickstart my career. It was a good place to solidify my foundation with all the challenges that have toughen me up and bring me to a whole new level. To this day, I still forget that I have transferred to a new branch once in a while especially when it comes to phone answering. 

Every now and then, I would still fly to KL for courses arranged by the company. With the recent events happening to the airline industries (MH370 disappearance and MH17 shot down), I could not help but to have the overwhelming feeling when I was boarding the plane after these incidences. Of course there are other headlines that made it to the news for other airlines but these this airline is the one that is closer to the heart. The plane that I board everytime I cross the South China Sea. I still have the confidence to fly with Malaysia Airlines. Frankly, I do not think it is their fault fault that these happened. However, I could not content myself thinking of the odds of the second incident happening in the same year especially when they say that lightning does not strike the same place twice. As I as walking down the aisle, I gave a deeper thought to that feeling. I realized that it was not the feeling that I might die or go missing with a plane. It was rather the people that I would have left behind if it really happened to me. Questions started flooding my mind.

"Will I have any regrets?"

"Have I told the people that I love, how much I love them?"

And the list goes on. I would not touch the details of the answers to those questions. (Haha!) I have however came out with the conclusion that we should not things for granted especially those loved one. More often than not, untold words seems like one of the biggest regret in most people on their dying bed. So, let's live the days as if it was the last and I really need to remind myself that....MORE!

Have a good weekend. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year 2014




from yours truly. 


with this new year, i humbly pray to be a better person. to give more, to be more selfless and to be more grateful (especially on the little things in life). 


Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Quarter of a Century

The title explains itself. So, yours truly here is a quarter of a century old.

Another year wiser (I hope!) from last year, I had my birthday just somewhere early of this week. I was away from home for some work course. Spent a good alone time reflecting on the past 25 years that has gone by over a glass of wine in a hotel lobby.

I would not be able to recall memories from those way way younger days. But of the process of growing up, I will have to give credit to my beloved parents for raising me to be the person I am today. Not perfect, I have my flaws as well but I guess that makes me who I am today. It has always been the mother and the father that always looked out for me through the many many years. And they ain't stopping yet! :) I will always be daddy's and mummy's little girl regardless of the age.

Of recent years life events, there have been decisions that I am not entirely proud of. Saying that, I would not say that I regret them. Like a saying goes, I regret not the things I did wrong, but doing the right things to the right people. Without those moments of shame and pain, I guess I would not appreciate some great lessons that I took along with them; karma is a bitch. Not that I never believed in karma, but I never really gave deep thought of how bitchy karma can be. Haha! Now that I know, I have learned to do unto others like how I would like to be treated and vice versa. Of course, there have been events that were out of my control that probably were inevitable. I guess, God has greater planning for the days ahead. Things that seems like end of the world back then, I somehow got through it. Some things have changed along the course; heart toughened up, relationship changes.

I do not deny that sometimes I wish that certain incidences never happened so that those heartbreaks could have been avoided. Most of the time though, I am grateful that they did happen cause they showed me the people who stood by me. People who truly loved me for who I am, in good times and in bad. Thank you for showing me that I am still worthy to be loved, when I was at low points. Betrayal was painful but having a friend that was so so supportive and constantly reminding you that you are love, I guess those experiences were somehow worthwhile. And thank you dear friend, for still being here for me till this day though I know I have failed and disappointed you many times though at times I do have doubts that I am not worthy of your love and friendship.

Along these moments as well, I have been blessed with a wonderful job that I am truly passionate about. Coming to two years of working, I have met many new friends as well as learned many new things throughout. I have to thank the bank for giving me many opportunities to grow myself. It does seem to me that I am on the right track of my career path and I pray and hope that this would blossom into something more wonderful.

Above all, I would like to give a big shout out to the Almighty One above. Without Him, without faith, I might not even have made it up to this day.  Amen.

On the side note, I want to list out 25 things I am grateful for. But...... I shall leave that for the next post.

Till next time.

Yours truly.


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