Monday, April 25, 2011


I am feeling blardy discouraged. Just found out that the examiner for my research paper is one of the most strict lecturer is School of Mathematics in my faculty. Damn! Even that day during my proposal presentation, she was the guest lecturer and yet she kept bombarding me with question. Gone case la this time. Well, not that I am not confident with what I did for my project, but her questions were pretty irrelevant and somehow something tells me that she a quite a fussy lady. DOUBLE BIG SIGH.

Haiz, Forget bout it first lah. Lets focus on the upcoming paper first :(

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Final of the Finals

I am in the middle of my exam week now and I am down with one more paper. That would be the final paper in any final examinations I would ever have. Weeeee. Even with this final paper, I am giving my minimal effort with minimal preparation. Haha! I guess I am really sick of studying already at the moment. I know mostly friends who are would give in anything to be back in university years being thrown with assignments and presentations and projects and the list goes on. I know I would be in that situation when I start working but at the moment, I still do not enjoy cramming up my brain for a paper that would destine my grades and performance on that subject. I am a kind of a person who likes continous assesment which I personally think it is a better way of grading students. Oh well! :)

And so, even if I were to take up pHD someday in the future (which I highly doubt now), I would not be having anymore exam papers unless I decided to take up any external papers for any license or whatever so of course. But oh well, this would be the last exam paper in my university years and I can't wait to get through with it. STQA6034 - Risk Management and Insurance, come to me baby! And soon, I will be bidding farewell to UKM ^_* With the minimal effort I am putting in, I am hoping the paper would not give me a hard time still though (melampau-lampau betul my request). Haha!

Random much? Hehe. It's Easter Sunday today by the way. Happy Easter to Christian my friends and family (and readers who are beyond those mentioned categories if there is any? haha!). Off to church soon. Alleluia for the Lord has risen :) Till the next update, take care there! 

Yours truly,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I am one girl who likes perfection. However, I do not claim myself as a perfect girl.

Everyone has flaws. Not one person is perfect no matter in this world except for the ONE majestic one. As for the rest of us, we are just trying to be the best we can. I am part of this race of human being that tries to improvise myself in every way that I could. In this effort to trying to make a better self, I somehow developed a habit called perfection. I want most of the things around me to be perfect whether they are one petty stuff or any major things ranging from how I lead my life to my work and the list goes on.

I remember those days when I was still in primary school where we had a lot of projects/assignments which includes folio and scrapbook, I would reprint the whole page of work if I spotted ONE itsy bitsy teenie weenie error. Spelling error? Spacing error? Or ink smudged? You name it. Due to this reason, some of those completed projects might be pretty costly at the end of the day. They have to be up to my own standard before they are passed up. At the end of the day, I am happy with the outcome. Though I know it may not be exactly all perfect, I know I have given my best and looking the outcome of those effort simply makes me proud of myself. That self satisfaction is what I am looking for. Till this day, I still do the same thing in my assignments in uni.

Another way to spot this habit in me would be the days where I try to dress up before going out. When I try to pull off some hairstyles that are out of the ordinary ones that I would like to try out, I would just end up with a simple ponytail at the end of the day if I am not satisfied with the outcome of whatever I am doing with my hair. Or nails painting for example. The reason why I am so lazy to paint my nails nowadays is because of single smudge or imperfection of the wet painted nails, I would practically rub everything off. At the end of the day, I would have unpainted nails. 

True enough, this habit of  mine could be very frustrating at times when I do not get the result that I want. Not to mention costly whether you are talking bout time, money or effort. In the process, I might have even stepped on some others' tail and I am truly sorry if you are one of them. However, this strongly characterize who I am and I am happy of the way I am now. Therefore, I shall continue to seek for perfection in everything I can as long as I am not breaking the law. Anyway, being perfectionist is not a crime, no? :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

One Year

Like it or not, the time never stops for you isn't it? Whether you are having a good time or bad time, the clock ticks the same way, same speed every second. At this moment, I feel that the clock that has been ticking for the past one year went tik tok-ing a little faster than it usually it. A few miliseconds perhaps? :)

Back track a year ago, many things happened and they shall all remain as a part of life journey. Let bygones remain as bygones. However, the journey throughout this one whole year has been simply a little too fast too furious. They say time passes faster when you are happy ey? Does this signify I had a great good time of a year? :) Well, life isn't life unless it is combined with a little sugar and lemon with a sprinkle of magic dust. I was not on top of the coaster ride throughout but I have to say I have been blessed with many good things during this period. Way way better than how I expected life.

The journey as a student is coming to an end in approximately two weeks time. I have one final paper for my final semester here and presentation for my research project would be around the same time I reckon. One journey is coming to an end and another more challenging journey awaits. I would sum up my master student's life some other time. At the mean time, let's just look at some kodak moments captured lately.

 #1 A semi failed attempt in a self shot during a late lunch after the first exam paper.

#2 The love for salmon never fade away. 

#3 Sushi Bonanza 2011 with Leon, Fion and Jac @ Alamanda, Putrajaya. Food was awesome but salmon were served a tad too late which was after I was bloated with other stuff only then they were served.

#4 Spotted macaroons for sale and I finally get to taste this thing. Hee~ One was given for free by the abang over the counter ;) Buy 3 free 1! :D :D Not cheap okeh! RM3.90 per piece.

#5 The bestie! :) I love this photo. Looking good, looking great! 

#6 My first time having nasi kerabu and this one was ossum possum! Definitely worth the price. The restaurant (Serai @ Subang Empire) serves plentiful NAISE FOOD!!! I am not exagerating :P

#7 Me and the bestie, Allison @ Starbucks. And the piece of cake in front of us, it is heaven. It is the YOUHAVETOTRYITYOURSELF-pavlova. Sedapmaugilapunyasedap. I would want that for my birthday cake, pretty pretty please?

#8 Woke up at 7.30am and travelled a 2 hours KTM ride to get my hands on the famous Klang bahkuteh. Thumbs up! :D :D I love it to bits! :D Ahhhh... definitely worth the travel!

#9 The current and ex coursemates after a meal together! :) Left to right, Alvin>>Li Mei>> Pei Ying

#10 The sedaps famous Klang cendol. Creamy and fragrant! :)


#12 *heart melts*

#13 Me and Alvin, the big boss. 

#14 Alvin and Pei Ying

I AM VERY THE HAPPY that I finally get to step into the beautiful litted place. Those beautiful lights simply make me happpppyyysssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!! Ahhh... words don't do justice to my happiness but gila cantek la!! Grrrr...Geram!!

Well, that's all for now! :) okthanksbye! :) 
Stay tune for more updates. Sorry for the recent negligence though. I know you love me still! :)

Yours truly,


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