Monday, November 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Greetings from the land with lotsa love, the land below the wind! :) 
Yes lovelies, I am back at home now after week of torturous exams. It has been a week now since I landed in this home of mine and everything has been great. Aside from the glorious long list of good food that I have been having, the best part of being home would be spending time with the love ones again. Oh how much I miss these people! =) I gotta admit, I am a daddy's girl and a mummy's girl too! Say anything you like but I am proud of it! Weeeee~~~ 

And so, here are just some random shots throughout the whole week.

#1 I never fail to fall in love with what I see from the airplane window :)

#2 The old place that holds those years and years of childhood memories. One of those window you are seeing used to be my room :)

#3 Went back to the original hair colour and I am loving it =)

#4 The reason I don't take prawns when I am not back home *wink*
Tom Yam with GIGANTIC tiger prawns, mind you!! *evil grin*

#5 I am sorry but I reallyyyy wanna make you salivate :P
Would you just compare the size of that piece of thing with my spoon?
Now this is the reason why I LOVE HOME *BIG SMILE*

#6 Midin/Bidin (not sure which is the correct name) cooked with dried shrimp and belacan (shrimp paste). Reminds me of someone that I miss dearly. Her favourite.

#7 A mixture of pork, fungal, glass vermicelli and the-vege-tied-into-a-knot which I do not know the name in English or Malay cooked in fermented beancurd and soy sauce. Dad says mum cooks this Chinese Hakka cuisine the best and I would have to agree. Guess what, I inherited mum's expertise and I nailed this dish! :D :D Yes, I prepared this one :)

#8 A belated birthday gift. Thank you very muchie youu :)

There goes one week of my blissfulness. Tomorrow will be the start of another week. Hope you guys had a good week too! =)

Signing off!

From yours truly.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Coffee High

After hours and hours of doing this..... *pointing to the picture below*
P/s: This is just few one the whole stack of exercises done -.-

 I became like this! *cuba buat buat muka frust tapi tidak menjadi*

Then I had to take many sachets of this... (to keep myself from salivating on my book)

Then I became like this...

Muka high on caffeine that I was super hyperactive that I start kacau-ing everyone. The hyperactive effect worn off hours later and I am feeling nauseous now.
That's it. Enough coffee for this semester.

As of now, I am left with one paper and I will be flying back home. But but.... mostly friends either finished or finishing their exam tomorrow. Very the no mood to study la! *SIGH* It sucks to be starting your exams way ahead of others and finish later than them.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Birthday Bashes

Hello peeeppsss!! How are you doing out there?? Good I hope! As for me, I have been in such a holiday mode since my last paper on Wednesday of last week. Been having fun throughout the rest of the week that I am so reluctant to get back to my books for my upcoming paper on the 8th. Ignorance is such a bliss! Heeee.. Anyway, Happy Deepavali to those who are celebrating! =)

As I mentioned in my earlier post of how I spend my birthday this year, I had celebrations before and after the actual day itself. Let the pictures speak for themselves ;)

#1 The very few out of the many who decided to continue to pursue their study at master level :)

#2 Would really love to have this glass :D 
"I am not a shopaholic! I just love receipts!!!"

 #3 Among the guests of the day :) Met up with two old friend from the degree years in uni  - ain't so long ago la, not so exactly that old! The one paling kiri one - Ling Fong who is the one of the girls always kena buli in class one. And now, she is a working lady now and we are still stuck with our books. LOL!

#4 French toast from Kim Gary Restaurant, Midvalley. The ever classic, sinful, all time favourite snack that completes the meal of the day :D You go to heaven and hell eating this!

 #5 Another dish that I would wana give my thumbs up. Double cheesy baked rice served with salmon, scallop, baby octopus, and abalone. What more can you possibly ask for? I have be a vegan for a week after a meal of this:P

#6 Brenda opening her gift from her coursemate. Yay yay! ROFL~

#7 Group photo to wrap up the day!

#8 KTM train was empty when we were on or way back to the campus. APA lagi! No other better time to take pic in the train. On the other hand, why in heaven would I want pic in the train? Wakakaka..!!

 #9 The gift beneath the colourful wrapping papers. THANK YOU very very much guys =')

#10 Do you see what's in the pic? Do you see it? Yes yes yes. SALMON! The best piece of salmon I ever had. Just purrfect!! My second celebration was a surprise from some friends at Sushi Zanmai ;) I don't think I need to elaborate much on how I love Japanese food esp the piece of thing in the picture below :D :D :D :D :D If you are wondering whether the surprise worked, it did! They told me it was the easiest surprise ever that they didn't need to give excuses for this and that. Haa!
#11 Lets look at the food first. I swear that Sushi Zanmai is way way WAY better than Sushi King. In terms of variety and creativity and freshness and etc, this place is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for sushi lovers like me. I have always wanted to try out the food here and there is definitely no regrets coming here. I am a happy child! Weeeeee~~~ Err.... back to the picture, this one is soft shell crab rolled with rice and roe. Nyummyy!

 #12 This 6 pcs of sushi roll if named Spider Roll where you have soft shell crab (if I am not mistaken) rolled with seaweed, rice and a little avocado on the top with some dressing and roe gives the perfect texture where it was creamy and yet..... undescribable. Go try it for yourself! Sedap gila!

#13 Rubern's chicken rice from a Japanese restaurant. I didn't have a taste of this. I wouldn't know what to comment on this. Heee~ But no way I am gonna order chicky meal from a Japanese restaurant. No offence please! :P
#14 Random shot of me and my new found shopping kaki neighbour, Mei San

#15 Me and mia amour

#16 Wishing hard ;) Oh, please come true!

#17 Group photo with the awesome people and the awesome eating place!

#18 Baskin Robins for desert. It was Wednesday a.k.a pink day! Weeeeee!!!!

#19 Whacky group photos :D

#20 The very very very thoughtful gift. A box of chocolates filled with compilation of birthday wishes from other friends. Thanks for the effort you put into making this. It means lots to me and I really really do appreciate you doing this :) Seriously, I was very very touched =') THANK YOUUUU!!! You know who you are :) *HUGS*

#21 The cards with birthday wishes written on them. Thank you to all who wrote in for the thoughtful wishes. Some messages in there just made me smile and some made me laugh like a mad woman! :D

#22 Hence, the last round of celebration with darling Allison :) Besties for years now. Had to turn her down when she asked me out during my birthday itself due to exam. Yes I am a nerd.

#23 Dinner at The Social of Changkat branch and the food was awesome. The one I tried la! :D First pic would be Chicken Diane :) :) The one underneath is Al's order but I am sorry  I didn't remember  as I prefer my food way better :P

 #24 Moved to Twenty One in Changkat itself for a couple of cocktails during the happy hour. Cheers! 

#25 Another friend joined us later on and she was hungry. So we went to Baan 26 for another round of food and drinks.

#26 Gorgeous gift from darling Allison <3 Thank you very much for spending your time and money on me though you are broke as hell financially tight now :) Appreciate em :) *hug*

#27 Indeed, it was a good weekend ;)

And again, thank you very much to each and everyone who made this birthday so meaningful :) I am truly blessed to know you guys :D :D Gotta admit, this year was better than last year thanks to each of you who play a role in this. May God bless you all! :) :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Greener Grass On The Other Side

 So often grass seems greener on the other side, no? :) 

You think you’re not pretty, someone is wishing to be as pretty as you. You want more money, people are in poverty. You want a boyfriend, someone doesn’t even have parents. You’re hungry, a child is starving. You want to go to the mall, someone is looking for anything to wear just to stay warm. You’re chilly, others are frozen. You just want to die, most people are striving to live. So don’t waste your time on things that you think you don’t have, because there is always someone out there who needs what you have.


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