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Must-Have Food in KK (Part 2)

I am a good procrastinator and I am procrastinating my work now. Bad girl! Tsk tsk tsk. Anyway, here comes more pic of food to salivate you more :D

6. Roasted Duck Noodles :: Kedai Kopi Mui Hiong, Lintas ::
Ok. The location of this place is pretty hard to decribe but if you are really interested, go google it out. The shop is near the Wong Kwok (showroom) building if I am not mistaken. Well, I would have to say this is the best place to have roasted duck in whole KK area as I have tried many but none is ever as good as this. The skin is crispy with the juicy meat served with the noodles or rice. Rice is only available late in the morning towards lunch hour. Another bonus point for this coffee shop would have to be it's tasty soup that is served with your noodles/rice unlike most of the shops that serve salt+MSG(ajinomoto) or "ngo song seh lin tong" as how my brother would have called it in Chinese Hakka. Let me help you out a little with the translation: "ngo song" = monk;"seh" = wash; "tong" = soup. Go figure what is "lin" :P (Hint: Not a very decent word :P)

See the white meat with yellow outline? That is pork roll wrapped with egg (omelet) or "chun kien" as how the locals call it. Amazingly, only recently I found out that this is something you only find in Sabah. Yet, I have always thought that this is a common Chinese delicacies. My grandmother used to buy one roll of the this and slice them into pieces then serve with rice with a little soy sauce. My lunch is perfectly good with that alone ;) To hunt for this, you can find this in the same shop or in most wet market in KK such as Lido and Foh Sang. Some shops/stalls that sell chicken/charsau/roasted pork in KK sells this pork roll too!


7. Laksa :: Kedai Kopi Ye Fung, Gaya Street ::
My dad loves the laksa here for the sufficient coconut milk added to the laksa. Totally different from the Penang asam laksa, this one taste a little close to curry mee somehow but I can't really tell the difference. Similar to Sarawak laksa some said but I am proud of KK's Gaya Street laksa. Lol. It is not very spicy but you can add the sambal they give you for a richer taste. I tell you, it is so nice that a friend wanted to pack this back to KL :P You know who you are *wink* I would have pack this for you if it wasn't because of your flight that leaves early in the morning :P By the way, this coffee shop also sells beef noodle ("ngiu chap") that is yummy too! You can even ask for ngiu chap laksa as in the laksa with beef meat (or innards).

8. Pan Fried Dumplings :: Kedai Kopi Luyang, Foh Sang ::
This is a all-time favourite tea time snack for most KK-ians. Have it with your coffee or tea during tea break and this dumpling filled with juicy meat fried on the pan will sweep your feet off your ground. Heee.. exageration :) But this is really yummy lah! You can choose either to have it pan fried or boiled but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the PAN FRIED ones served with vinegar sauce with garlic. Ask for "wo tieh"  for the pan fried one or "sui gao" for the boiled one. I was told that this is a staple food eaten by the Shantung people (in KK I think and Shantung means up the hill or hilltop). I eat this every weekend on a Saturday during my growing up years. This explains the fat healthy me. Some stalls even sell this dumpling vegetable with egg filling inside. Usually priced at 50-60cents per piece, you can also find this sold at Towering (Penampang) and Dongongon (Penampang - between Dragon and Chin Fah Restaurant) at night.

9. ABC :: Bukit Padang, Bundusan::
Malaysian's favourite desert, this ais batu campur or better known as ABC is really really really really really famous in Bukit Padang here. The colourful ice with red beans, grassjelly (cincau), corn, jelly and cendol has been operating here for many many years. Now, they have more menu to choose from like jagung ais or cendol or even ais kacang tanpa kacang merah (Yes. I have friends who ordered this T____T) and many food stalls that sells char kueh teow, cha kuey, sotong kangkung and pisang goreng. However, the stalls only open in the evening around 4 something every day except Sunday. You know which is the most irony part? This Bukit Padang is a famous jogging track for the locals and these tempation awaits after you burn your fats on the track. Best thing to quench your thirst and chill you out  after running  and sweating like pig mad:) But then, how lah want to kurus if like that????? Heee...

If you are there, have some of the chakuey kahwin. Definitly worth a shot! More than a shot actually cause you will be asking for more :P Just like roti kahwin, the char kuey are spread with kaya (coconut jam) and butter then served together. Fragrant and delicious that they melt in your mouth. M.E.L.T. :D You can also get this in one of the corner coffee shop in Kepayan Ridge's Hock Seng Cafeteria. They sell a wide variety of food there. Good eating place!

10. Chicken Wings :: Donggongon ::
 You will find a lot of shops selling grilled chicken wings at night in this small township but I like those sold in the bus terminal best. My dad usually stop by to get at least 10 pieces of the chicken wings after our weekly groceries shopping. The chicken wings are perfectly marinated and perfectly grilled. These juicy mouth watering wings takes your breath away the moment you bite into them. Heee... Dip into the sauce that comes along with it, a little sourish salty with a hint of spiciness. Purrfect chicken served with purrrrrfect sauce. *drooling* I would say the size of the chicken wings is a tad too small though, not enough for me!!

Well, that is all for now. Hope you enjoyed the food. Of course there are other food in KK that you must try but I didn't have the chance to snap pictures yet. Lets save it for another time. Will write about a must visit seafood restaurant in Kota Kinabalu. Stay tune for more food! :) 

Have a blessed weekend! :)

Credits to Rubern n Step for some of the pics used above.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Must-Have Food in KK (Part 1)

Before the arrival of my friends (Sarawakian and KLites) at the Land Below the Wind, I was having headache thinking where to bring these people in KK. I mean, I grow up in this beautiful city all my life but when everything seems to be ordinary since I practically see them all my life. Acceptable reason? :) Therefore, I just brought them to food and places I grow up with and here are the list of food you ought to try when you visit KK. Of course there are more yummy delicacies than these but here are a few among those that you MUST TRY! Some of these must-try food are my favourite food of course also... ahhh loves :) :) *drool* Do bear with me as I might be pretty bad with the food description as I am not familiar with the terms related to food. I only know how to use the word YUMMY and SEDAP >.<" Therefore, I will leave the description to the better ones (flogger - food blogger). Hint hint. You know who you are ;)

1. Beaufort Fried Noodles :: Kim Fah Restaurant (Plaza Grand Millenium, Penampang) ::
This homemade noodles originated from Beaufort which is a district in Sabah. The noodles is stir fried with vege and pork (sang nyuk and char sau). A really fragrant local dish that my dad and bro usually order two plates whenever they have this in the restaurant. This shop has another branch in Beverly Hills, Penampang with the same restaurant name.

2. Tom Yam :: Kedai Kopi Dat Seng (Inanam Bussiness Centre - buildings next to the Inanam bus terminal) ::
- This coffee shop not only serve their delicious tom yam but also fish head mee hon. Tom yam in KK has revolved from the original one where milk or coconut milk is added to the tom yam and this adds the fragrance to the dish. The sour and a lil spicy taste combination is just perfect :)

3. Tuaran Noodles :: My House ::
I still think that the best place to have tuaran noodles/mee in the whole KK will be my own house. My mum cooks the best tuaran mee in the world :) I have tasted this noodle in shops before but none beat mum's. Luckily I somehow inherited her skill in cooking the authentic dish. This homemade egg noodle originated from Tuaran (another district/township in Sabah) and the texture of the noodle is just different from the ordinary noodle. Served best when fried with egg, pork(char sau), and vege which can also be substituted with chicken and prawns, you can only find this noodle in Sabah :) Another local dish that you must try! I found some coffee shops that serves this dish online like here and here . Go give it a shot :)

4. Chu Chap :: Kedai Kopi Luyang (Foh Sang, Luyang) ::
- This dish is a mix of deep fried pork innards served with some sauce/gravy and chilli. My favourite would be the intestine (chu chong - in Chinese Hakka dialect) which is so crispy that you wouldn't have guessed it was actually intestines because the difference of texture from the original one. Even friends who don't take innards had some and they were okay with it ;D That coffee shops sells a lot of many other yummy dishes like Char Koay Teow, sate and etc hehe :)

5. Sang Nyuk Mien :: Kedai Kopi Jia Siang (Lintas Plaza, Penampang) ::
Translated from Hakka Chinese, the name of this dish means raw meat noodles. Of course the meat is not served raw and I have no idea how did it get it's name. The pork meat is white served with noodle in soup or you can have it dry where the noodles are mixed with soy sauce (kicap) alongside with another bowl of soup with your meat :) I used to have this dish in Sinsuran when I was younger but my dad decided that this shop in Lintas beats many other shops that sells the same thing. KK has decided the same thing too, I assume, since this shop is always full of customers. They open from early morning till 2 or 3 am in the morning. Now, that is almost equivalent to the mamak shops with the difference of healthier food! 

Had enough?? :) :) There are more!!!! But you will have to wait. I will have to stop here first before you salivate more :P Will continue some other time as I have something to do now. Till then, you stay tuned ok! 

Credits to Mr. R for some of his picture that I "stole" :P

Kota Kinabalu P2

Heya!! Here's the other tour I had with the KL-iets :) :) The best part will have to be the food! Will write another post on that later. At the mean time.... taaadddaaaaaa!!

Me, the loyal driver waiting to pick my guest up at the Terminal 2 Airport

Met up with another friend was the mesmerizing view on the way sending him back caught everyone's attention. The picture doesn't much justice. 

Went to Sutera Harbour Resort for sunset view. I have to say that KK has amazing sunsets and I AM PROUD to be urang KK bah! CAAnnnTTEEEeekkk!!
Boyfriend? Ehem ehm.... no lar! My bro lah. I am still waiting for my prince charming to sweep me off my feet *puppy eyes* :D

 Pulau Manukan the very next day. The weather was perfect! Though it was raining season back then, the sky was clear that day! *grin*

Tip of Borneo (Simpang Mengayau, Kudat). Many many thanks to Daddy for driving!! Sayang you daddyyy :P (though you might not read this lah)

Monsopiad Cultural Village which also known as the Headhunters Village.

Rice making on the way - the traditional method. This traditional grinding machine is not easy ok! Damn heavy!!

BUTOD (Sago Worm) - free gift in Monsopiad Village :P I dare you to try this! :D FRESH and ALIVE :D :D :P

Ever classic Gaya Street a.k.a Sunday Market

In Gaya Street, dad bought a pack of the butod for the west malaysians to try :) It was my first time trying it too (shame on me for being a Sabahan for 21 years! :P~)! When it was alive, it looks like this. 

After fried in the wok, it looks like this... with a little innovation of course ;D BUTOD SANDWICH!! 

Process of the butod eating was recorded but it will be meant for personal view only :) You have no idea how it takes for me and Steph to be convinced to stuff that raw wriggly thing into our mouths. I'll have to say it is definitely a hell of an experience. You should go try it!! Not something to be missed out when you visit the land below the wind :) 

I officially declare myself as a CERTIFIED (not) tour guide now. A guide without a license of course :D

P/s: Credits to Steph and Rubern for some of the pictures used above. 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dedication For You

7th July was the date I boarded the plane back to Kuala Lumpur to settle my registration for my master in UKM. My itinerary stated my flight departs at 6.05am and I was in the airport way earlier, say 5.10am. I was so sleepy due to the lack of sleep from the late night. No, I was not watching FIFA World Cup of Uruguay VS Netherlands match. I couldn't sleep that night as I was tossing myself on the bed, up and down, left and right. I was afraid with the uncertainties ahead of me. How will life turn out when I am back in UKM doing my master? I was already missing home that very moment. I was reluctant to board the plane that yet to board during that hour. 

And so, that Wednesday morning when I waited in the boarding hall while waiting for the announcement to board the plane bound for Kuala Lumpur. I reached out to my phone and logged into facebook just to update myself with statuses. I was shocked with one status that I instantly woke up from my drowsiness - the dismiss of a friend. What a day to kickstart my day! I was already expecting the worst of the day from the registration. The news definitely didn't make my day any better. The news was worse than the worst that I expected. That moment, the only thing that crossed my mind: Life is full of surprises. Life is full of uncertainties. 

I have known this girl for a couple of years. 3 years to be exact. It was three years ago when I entered one of my class that this girl sat next to me started talking to me. She was wearing a pink cap and she looks sweet in it. I wondered why was she wearing that cap but I didn't bother to ask why. We started talking and I found out that she was not the same age as the rest of us. She was a year older than my batch of coursemates. Again, I wondered but I didn't ask much. That was the day I met this wonderful girl. Apparently, she was postponed her study previously and she is continuing her study with us now. 

This same girl uses the same pink cap to class everyday. I noticed she had no hair underneath her cap and I figured she was sick. One day, I found out from other friends that she  has cancer. She had surgery to remove growth in her head and she uses the cap while waiting for her hair to grow back to cover the hole she has on her temples. During rare occasions, she uses wig and she looks so sweet and pretty. She had a very sweet smile. She was getting better and improving. Hair started to grow back and she looks like any other girl on the street. The greatest things I find in her would be her cheerfulness and helpful. She was the kind girl who would offer anyone any help, from giving you a ride to arranging the photocopying of textbooks for the entire class. Mind you. THE.WHOLE.CLASS. She wouldn't ask for anything extra nor expects anything in return. She is such a cheerful friendly girl that practically everyone is her friend.

As I entered the second year of my degree class, I see her less often due to the different classes we have (we are in two different courses). I didn't notice that she was not around the uni until a friend pointed it out that fact to me. I was then told that her health was deteriorating again and her condition got worse than before. Apparently, not many knew about it as she didn't want to worry anyone. She had to stop her study again. No updates about her were received until two days ago. I was not very close to her but she definitely showed me lots of things. I truly admired this girl. She was so strong and optimistic throughout the years of fighting her sickness. There were hidden struggles under those sweet smile she shares with us. 

Suddenly, I felt my problems or uncertainties are insignificant anymore. What are my worries compared to hers? What are my difficulties compared to hers? And many others in the world who has greater problems.  Life is full of surprises. Every now and then. Till this day, I still couldn't digest that news. Being young doesn't keep you away from death. I know I see news of young people dying everyday but it has never occur to anyone I knew. One thing for sure, her courage will be a true inspiration for those uncertainties ahead of me. I shall learn to face these underlying problems in life. Those uncertainties. Those challenges.

I believe she has inspired many others in different ways. She will always be remembered by many, may it be her courage, her smile, her kindness or just herself. May God grant her family the strength to endure this time of grief. To my dear friend, you will always be remembered  in prayers. Rest in peace.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Kota Kinabalu P1

Heya peeps! Here's a post bout my tourguiding experience last month. So.... this is tourguiding number 1.

Guest Name: Bridget Lee
Guide: Brenda Chong
Date: 28 May - 07 June 2010
No of Stay: 11 days
Accomodation: Kibabaig Inn, Penampang (Owner: Chong's Corporation)

And here are the pixies!

Food hunting! :) Lintas "Sang Nyuk Mien" *Slrrp*

Lok Kawi Zoo Wildlife Park. My first visit here (I think!)!! :P

The elephants inside the park were scattered around their "home". See the baby elephants in the pic?

Now you don't see the baby elephants anymore. Reason? A lizard passed in front of the elephants and those gigantic creatures spontaneously surrounded their babies to protect em. Awww... darn adorable ok! ;)

Orang utan!! I never got this close to any orang utengz :) Happy happy happy!! That fella dang cute okie. Manja betul!! :) :)

A view from centre of the city. Next to the main market in town, near Hyatt Regency. Therefore, I don't know what to name this place. Hohohoh~~

City view at the back :)

The two B's. The guest and the guide :P

Model kecundang Wannabe :P @ Sabah Museum
One of the rumah contoh in the museum :)

Tourist's must-take shot :P

Had satay feast in one of the nights in conjunction with cousin Philip's birthday

Didn't get to join the Pesta Kaamatan (Harvest Festival Celebration) because of the rain everyday T_____T We were even stuck at home for one day cuz my house was flooded. Grrrr.... Oh well, all the more reason to come back next time! :) :) *wink*

P/s: Miss Bridget, do come back KK same time of the year again next time! Hopefully, it won't rain like mad again like the other day. 

Coming right up, butods in da house~~!!! Stay tune :)


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