Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Quarter of a Century

The title explains itself. So, yours truly here is a quarter of a century old.

Another year wiser (I hope!) from last year, I had my birthday just somewhere early of this week. I was away from home for some work course. Spent a good alone time reflecting on the past 25 years that has gone by over a glass of wine in a hotel lobby.

I would not be able to recall memories from those way way younger days. But of the process of growing up, I will have to give credit to my beloved parents for raising me to be the person I am today. Not perfect, I have my flaws as well but I guess that makes me who I am today. It has always been the mother and the father that always looked out for me through the many many years. And they ain't stopping yet! :) I will always be daddy's and mummy's little girl regardless of the age.

Of recent years life events, there have been decisions that I am not entirely proud of. Saying that, I would not say that I regret them. Like a saying goes, I regret not the things I did wrong, but doing the right things to the right people. Without those moments of shame and pain, I guess I would not appreciate some great lessons that I took along with them; karma is a bitch. Not that I never believed in karma, but I never really gave deep thought of how bitchy karma can be. Haha! Now that I know, I have learned to do unto others like how I would like to be treated and vice versa. Of course, there have been events that were out of my control that probably were inevitable. I guess, God has greater planning for the days ahead. Things that seems like end of the world back then, I somehow got through it. Some things have changed along the course; heart toughened up, relationship changes.

I do not deny that sometimes I wish that certain incidences never happened so that those heartbreaks could have been avoided. Most of the time though, I am grateful that they did happen cause they showed me the people who stood by me. People who truly loved me for who I am, in good times and in bad. Thank you for showing me that I am still worthy to be loved, when I was at low points. Betrayal was painful but having a friend that was so so supportive and constantly reminding you that you are love, I guess those experiences were somehow worthwhile. And thank you dear friend, for still being here for me till this day though I know I have failed and disappointed you many times though at times I do have doubts that I am not worthy of your love and friendship.

Along these moments as well, I have been blessed with a wonderful job that I am truly passionate about. Coming to two years of working, I have met many new friends as well as learned many new things throughout. I have to thank the bank for giving me many opportunities to grow myself. It does seem to me that I am on the right track of my career path and I pray and hope that this would blossom into something more wonderful.

Above all, I would like to give a big shout out to the Almighty One above. Without Him, without faith, I might not even have made it up to this day.  Amen.

On the side note, I want to list out 25 things I am grateful for. But...... I shall leave that for the next post.

Till next time.

Yours truly.


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