Monday, December 20, 2010

Waddup me?

*Look at the calendar and the date the last post in my blog*

"Whops! It has been a month pula! Aiyak!!"

Tulah sibuk mengumpul lemak menanam anggur di rumah. Not that I am complaining, I am enjoying home to the fullest! At this point, I am still in self denial that I will be back in uni in a week time. But that is not gonna ruin my Christmas mood man! *chanting* Not even when some shopping complex I visited that day was playing Chinese New Year song already! Like wtf man! How can you skip Christmas song? I celebrate both festives so I love both of these occasions. Yes I know that Chinese New Year is just a month away but but... bagi chance la. We are all Malaysians what!!! -.-" Plus, Christmas songs so nice! They don't hurt my ears as much :P By the way, I don't know why am I making such a big deal out of this. Pardon me if this is lame.

Besides home, I was away for a week plus kacau-ing makcik Bridget in Sarawak. Made return trips between Kuching and Sarikei during that period. I swear I had tonnes of fun with all the pillow talks and new experiences. Pillow talks were awesome cuz I had the most kepoh makcik to catch up with so many things that we have been missing out on each other. Brand new experience? I drove long distance for the first time!!  Sounds lame pula now that I mention it out loud. Oh well! Did I mention that Sarawak Cultural Village was awesome?!

See first la if I rajin wanna edit the pictures from the trip that day. They are kinda available in Facebook anyway! Penyakit malasku menyerang.... OH TIDAKKKKKK!!! 

Lalalala~~ Happy holiday peeps! Jingle bells, jingle bells! Weeeeee!!!


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