Saturday, May 4, 2013


I have never had much to say when it comes to politics. To me, all politics is such a boring topic to be discussed. They are all corrupted, all dirty.

The 13th General Election is soaring near. Everyone is talking about who to vote and the good and bads of respective political party. Well for me, they are all the same. Not changing my opinion that one is no cleaner than the other. But I guess this time round, I felt I had the responsibility as the citizen of this country to cast my vote.

Everyone has the choice of their own. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Everyone has the freedom to pick the ruling party. For my rule of thumb, it's simple. If you prove yourself worthy, my vote goes to you. I simply think that politicians should know that the power is in the hand of the people. The people should know that the power is in their hand. So if the people is not satisfied with any ruling, we, the people has the power to change as and when we want. It is time to step up and show the people power. That is what democary is all about anyway.

Changes to might lead to something good or something bad. A change in the government might affect many things. But would we know if the changes would have do us good or bad if we never had the courage to take the first step?

Vote. The power is in your hand. You would never know what one vote could change. Also, let's agree to disagree if our opinion differs.

Yours truly.


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