Saturday, August 2, 2014

Untitled August

We are already in the eighth month of this year. Many things happened since I last wrote (during new year? Haha!)

One significant event that took place is the transition in my career. Had a promotion and I was transferred to a new branch. I am now back in the branch where I started in the bank. Nonetheless, Jalan Perpaduan Branch left me with many bitter sweet memories. It was the people in there that has built and made me the banker I am today. I could not thank God enough for this bunch of people that He made me a family to work with to kickstart my career. It was a good place to solidify my foundation with all the challenges that have toughen me up and bring me to a whole new level. To this day, I still forget that I have transferred to a new branch once in a while especially when it comes to phone answering. 

Every now and then, I would still fly to KL for courses arranged by the company. With the recent events happening to the airline industries (MH370 disappearance and MH17 shot down), I could not help but to have the overwhelming feeling when I was boarding the plane after these incidences. Of course there are other headlines that made it to the news for other airlines but these this airline is the one that is closer to the heart. The plane that I board everytime I cross the South China Sea. I still have the confidence to fly with Malaysia Airlines. Frankly, I do not think it is their fault fault that these happened. However, I could not content myself thinking of the odds of the second incident happening in the same year especially when they say that lightning does not strike the same place twice. As I as walking down the aisle, I gave a deeper thought to that feeling. I realized that it was not the feeling that I might die or go missing with a plane. It was rather the people that I would have left behind if it really happened to me. Questions started flooding my mind.

"Will I have any regrets?"

"Have I told the people that I love, how much I love them?"

And the list goes on. I would not touch the details of the answers to those questions. (Haha!) I have however came out with the conclusion that we should not things for granted especially those loved one. More often than not, untold words seems like one of the biggest regret in most people on their dying bed. So, let's live the days as if it was the last and I really need to remind myself that....MORE!

Have a good weekend. 


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