Monday, September 28, 2009

(Wake Me Up) When September Ends

In a blink of an eye, we are heading towards the month of October already. September will be over very very soon. Oh yes, do wake me up when September ends. When October starts, I have to wake up from my dream already though I am reluctant to do so. Yes. This September seems to be like a dream where I get to have stress and fun at the same time. Lets have a look at my September. And why I am loving it.

1. Exam, exam, exam
As a student, how can I run away from examination papers, agree not? I took 6 subjects this semester and I had mid semester papers for 5 subjects altogether. STRESS AKU ok! Midsem period started 28th August, ended 14th September. All the papers had gap of 3-5 days in between. I don't know if I should be happy or to be sad ok. Orang yang start midsem lebih lambat yang habis midsem lebih awal dari saya. I know I should be grateful for the extra time given to study. Unfortunately, I didn't use the given time wisely. My legs "itch" looking at others having fun while I have to eat my books. So, I did steal a little time to have fun myself la. Eeheheee..... I tried to study smart instead of study hard OK though my result is not smart at all.

2. Night Out in Maison
This was the night when Gnet's mousedeer had to round and round and round the same area to look for a place we intended to go. Brenda, Gnet, Cyril, and Priscilla were out in KL looking for some fun and we ended up getting lost. Yes. We did. Even with a phone which has GPS. And yes. Memang bodoh. It was my first time using the GPS in my 5880 (which my brother wants SO SO SO SO MUCH =P) that night and I was unfamiliar with the function. Oh well. I go and learn later ok. I promise. Back to that night. We almost gave up after looking for so long. Gnet was saying "... lets give it one last shot. if stil cannot find, we give up saja la ..." I guess that was the magic word. Terus we jumpa that place. Nothing spectacular happened that night. Just comwhoring and a glass or two of drinks yang tidak sedap sebab tidak cukup "KAO".

3. Family Day
I didn't participate in the games during this annual event of CSSUKM. I was in the groupless group. The groupless group consist of Brenda, Steph, Step, and Erny. Nonetheless, I still had fun handing out birthday gifts and surprises. And belated birthday surprises =D Some were showered with flour and eggs *cough*hailey*cough*alex*. Some had flour yang seakan-akan snow decorated their (or should I say HIS car) *cough*mark*cough.

4. Breakfast Sale
This year CSSUKM Breakfast Sale was less busy than the previous year. Most juniors took over the job of selling the foodstuff. So, I only duduk-duduk and tolong-tolong loh. It is good to see so many helping hands from the members. It didn't take us long to sell out all the food. Money money money, lai lai lai~~~

5. Inter Campus Gathering (ICG)
Students from all universities (public and private) around West Malaysia went to Majodi Centre in Johore Bahru for a 4 days 3 nights event. All gathered in ONE NAME to sing praises and dance like mad mad people. It was simply great because I was able to spend good times with friends whom participated ICG. It was more meaningful being in there with you guys around!! =D

6. Raya Holiday
Adler, Carl and Ivy were here during the one week holiday. These people are friends of my friends. Ehehe... It was simply crazy having them around - laughing till my jaw hurts and stomach cramps. Crazyness of Nicholas alone drives me crazy already, inikan pula diganda-gandakan ke-crazy-an Nicholas itu. Well, one week of holiday in UKM means one week of empty buildings. Those who stayed back in the empty dormitaries had a stemboat session at Zaba cafe. All the rice cookers owned by CSSUKM members were made to full use.

After the makan-makan, the mousedeer and proton saga hitam went to Putrajaya for camwhoring session. Teeeeheeeee~~~ Sesat lagi ok @_@ One new discovery. SOME guys CAMWHORES MORE than girls ok. LOL.

Steph finally fulfilled her promise of bringing Makcik Bridget to Batu Caves. Brenda, Steph, Gnet and Bridget climbed the 272 stairs and we saw lots of monkeys on the way up. Cute and scary. Hehe. I finally made it up there. Weeeee~~ After our morning exercise, we,went shopping in 1Utama and had steamboat for lunch. It was fun! It was fun! It was a fun day!!!!

That is the end of my September stories.
How was yours?


Uni life started as usual already today. Everything is back to normal.
I guess I have to wake up even before September ends.

Hugs and kisses to people who made my September a beautiful dream. You know who you are.

Photo credits to Gnet, Connie and Steve. I was a bit too lazy to take pictures sometimes.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Maths Geeks in Genting

This is so yesterday. Oh so many many yesterday already. Soli soli ya~~

15 minus 1 mathematics geeks went up to Genting Highlands around a week ago. 17th September 2009 to to be exact. 14 geeks decided to have one night stand there after planning for such a long time. Plan yang tidak pernah jadi-jadi itu akhirnya telah terlaksana sekian lamanya. The initial plan was proposed last semester if I am not mistaken. Oh ya. The 'plus one' that went there with us was one of the geeks punya boyfriend (which was hired to be the photographer ---> who wants to use digital camera when you have a fantastic DSLR camera for camwhoring right?? teehee~~)

Lets cut the crap and look at photos ok? HERE goes.

The bus that we used was not full but there were many aunties and uncles inside which talked and talked and talked all the way from KAJANG TO GENTING. I don't mind them talking, but the volume and the frquency.... OMG~~ Menyakitkan telinga sunguh =(

What else can you do in the cable car besides camwhoring isn't it? Three of us conquered one cable car. Yi Sheng (guy in white shirt) and Shook Yi (girl in black shirt) both sitting at one side and I am alone in the other side. No equality there... memang la imbalance punya.

Shook Yi figured that she should be in my side to balance out the cable car and she hopped over. Weeeee~~~~ See how safe and secure cable car is =P ???

Our activities while waiting for the rest to arrive: Jump on the beds, camwhoring, shopping...

... and food of course =D

When the rest arrived, we went food hunting and terserempak with Mr. Skeleton. Advice to people on diet, please don't over starve yourself ok. Look how ugly you might turn out to be. Cute to be fleshy and gendut like me =P

After exploring the whole First World Plaza for food, we settled for Hou Mei. Food varies from asian food to western food. Kuetiao soup, curry mee, roti john, fish burger, chicken chop... you name it.
It was pretty late already when we all finished our dinner. The only activity left --> CAMWHORING!! Weeeee~~~

I love the pics taken here. Teeheee~~
I tried to enter the casino for the first time in my life and my first attempt FAILED. I passed the first guard but the second guard stopped me and asked for my ID. I confidently gave him my identification card (IC) and he confidently halau me out with two simple sentence, "Bulan sepuluh ni. Tidak boleh." (FYI: I am only officially 21 years old this October. But... but... but... it is only a month away............=X So strict meh??~~~) However, persistent people don't give up so easily. Second attempt was done via another different entrance and I SUCCEED! Hooray!!! Wakakaka... It was definitely something new for me. I didn't touch anything inside except for the drinks dispenser. Skema kan? Heheeee..

That same night, the girls were locked out of the room for some silly reason. Long story short, we didn't have the key to enter to our own room. So, me, Shook Yi and Shin Yee stayed in the boys' room a while and play with cards. UNO!!! Highlight of the night was a new game I just learned - the loser (Alvin) had some punishment where he had to imitate superman WITH COSTUME. So, he had to run from one corner to another corner of the room with his brief outside his pants. Sorry Alvin, I really can't help laughing!!! I decided not to post the video here. Have some mercy on the guy la ok. Kesian him later >.<

Picture of the night.
Following pictures are taken the next day. Some went to the casino. Some went to the theme park. Some went shopping. Some went camwhoring.

This is us again camwhoring while waiting for the 5.30pm bus to go back.

It was raining heavily when we were leaving. The mist was so thick. Yet, the bus driver still speed on the hilly road - almost hit a car in front!!!!! SCARYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We arrived safely at Hentian Kajang around 7.00pm and it was the worst time of all. Cabs were not available as it was time for the Malays to buka puasa. Adakah pemandu teksi itu semuanya Melayu?? @_@ Luckily, Yi Sheng managed to get a car from someone. Barulah selamat sampai di UKM.

That night was kinda creepy. It was raining heavily and the whole dormitary was empty. Most students went back home already. I was damn tired. Still, I had to pack for the 4 days 3 nights camp (Inter Campus Gathering - ICG) the next day in Plentong, Johore Bahru.

As for the trip to Genting, I would say that it was a good chance to bond everyone together. I know it could have been better - should do more things together next time since we all went on separate ways most of the time up there this time. Nonetheless, it was fun to get crazy with all of you...good getaway from the lecture hall.

P/S: Gnet, when is your turn to go up there and scream your heart out in those rides? And laugh looking at some people yang macho di luar sahaja?? *wink*cough*connie*cough*

Will post some ICG soon. Stay tune peepz.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Absent Minded

*Her brain has not been functioning well recently.

*She has been having empty brain when she is not suppose to be since there is still another mid term paper tomorrow (Monday) afternoon for her Algebra Structure subject.

*She has been so absent minded that she were WAY TOO PUNCTUAL ---->>>> TWICE, TWO DAYS IN A ROW namely Saturday and Sunday.

Her friend de Tuna wanted to go church earlier than we usually do for sunset mass. Her intention was to go for sacrament of reconciliation. Usually, these girls (de Tuna and de Starfish) will leave in the campus with the blue 5993 around 6.30pm. Around 5.00pm, de Starfish was all ready to go and she went down to de Tuna's room.

Tuna was shocked with the response, "Awal juga ko makcik."
Starfish answered, "Eh, bukan jam 5 ko cakap tadi."
Tuna replied back, "PUKUL 5.50 la makcik"......


Previously on Friday night, de Starfish received a sms telling her to get ready by 7.00am at the bus stop down her dormitary. On Saturday night, de Starfish and Tuna was discussing whether to go Kajang Holy Family Church with the arranged transport or to go with the blue 5993. Discussion ended with sms that sounds like this: "Owkay. I tell Mark then." Before going to sleep that Sunday EARLY MORNING, de Starfish set her alarm to 6.30am since she has to be ready by 7.00am. She then woke up that Sunday morning and get ready since she was told to be punctual. She was looking at the time, tangan panjang jam menunjukkan 12 sudah. Quickly rushed down to de Tuna's room only to find she is not ready yet.

Tuna looked at Starfish and said the same thing again, "Awal juga ko ni. Jam 7 bah."
Starfish answered, "Not 7 already ka this??...." *looking at the watch*
Tuna answered back, "Baru jam 6 bah ni. Bingung juga ko."


Notes to people who are not the sea creatures:
Starfish refers to Brenda
. Tuna refers to Connie.

P/S: I didn't mentioned that I forgot to lock my room door, did I? Oh yeah. I slept with unlocked door last night. Not only that, I was worried that my room will be wet due to the heavy rain last night around 3 am thinking that my window was not closed but I was just too lazy to shut it In the morning, I found out that my window was properly shut and my door was unlocked. Terbalik pula. OMG. I think the MSG in the 4 packets of maggie in a week is making me stupid. I am not going to stock my instant noodles anymore. Enough. Lets eat healthy now, though it might be too late to realise that now since tomorrow's paper is already the last paper.

UPDATED 15/09/09
Please change all the 'starfish' in the context
to 'crabby' please. Brenda is the 'crabby', Stephanie is the 'starfish'. This shows how absent minded I am again. =.=||||

Saturday, September 12, 2009

It Runs In The Family Too

I just stumbled across some old pictures in my laptop last night. I thought to myself, my cousins are all are as crazy are my friends here too. See it for yourself. =D

These pictures were taken during new year eve of 2009 - means on 31st December 2008 loh. I have not started blogging yet then.

They were playing the game where you look for candies the the whole pile of flour. That explains the snow.

This happens whenever there is flour around. Somebody will turn into pontianak.
Just like Mami Santut and some others did. *evil laugh*

When there is flour, there is water. We need water to wash the flour off and I am offering my helping hand. We had mini water pistol that night but they were all taken. I creatively invented my own water pistol. *evil laugh again*
We thought we had enough, so we had our group shots. We were ALL soaking wet - water still dripping. Untung kalau ada lelaki sana. Baju melekat di badan semua.

It seems that the party was not over yet. There were some leftover balloons from the decoration. Water started to flow into the balloons - WATER BALLOONS!! *evil laugh again and again*

We made some HUGE silicones for the boys and they LOVE them. They were proud of their NEW ASSETS. Can't determine what was their size after the 'surgery' but definately nothing smaller than GG cup. Got such size ka? Hohohoho~~ *rofl*
These are all the crazy cousins I have in my family. This was the moment where we waited for the fireworks indicating new year. Everyone had their share of water balloons to throw at somebody. Some even kept them safe and sound under their shirts - limelight to the stripey green/white shirt, stripey red/black shirt and brown shirt. As high as Gunung Kinabalu, as big as a basketball. Upsize bebeh!
Not enough with the water pistol and water balloons, everyone started playing with the water hose too. Semestinya bil air bulan itu menjunam tingginya. So that is how I celebrated my new year eve.

What say you now?
My cousins are just as crazy as my friends or my friends are just as crazy as my cousins?
(I think my friends are crazier la. Water are not as smelly as egg - the 'aroma' just stays for so long in your shirt. Some even brought up the idea of using whipped cream yang mahal to decorate friend's car. Since whipped cream is expensive, cheaper alternative such as margerine was considered as well. Imagine waking up one day to find your car polished with margerine instead of flour. You will be so grateful that we only settled for flour to decorate your car. *cough*proton saga hitam*mark*cough*)

By the way, I can't stop laughing at these videos. Click here for the complete one. I am just too lazy to load the videos. Have fun watching!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I just finished my Basic of Food Science mid term paper today. Some of you might be thinking, "What de heck is a girl taking a degree in Mathematics studying Food Science??" Hehe... go figure the answer if you don't already know. Ask me if you want to know. =P

I remember back during one of the lectures for this subject, there is something interesting Prof. Salam mentioned in the class that I remember till today.

"In fact, nuggets are among the WORST food in the world. They are all made of skins and fats with a little meat. These ingredients are then breaded, usually bread crumbs. The best part of it all, it is among the BEST and tasty food in the world."

That moment, I stared at Jac and she stared back at me. We both know how yummy chicken nugget can be. I always fill the trolley with a packet of Ramly Chicken Nuggets whenever I go out for groceries shopping with my family. To know that they are made from purely fats and skin (mostly lah), I went..... YUCK!!

Now that I am away from home, I usually go McD for nuggets whenever I crave for them. I always look at these nuggets as some light snack, something healthier.... since white meat (chicken) is definitely healthier than red meat (beef) and less fats since they are so small and little. My mind was thinking what harm can these tiny nuggets do specifically to people who are on diet compared to those big burgers in the menu. They look simply harmless, don't you think so?

Apparently I was wrong. Bad news for you nuggets lovers out there.

I made some comparison when I was eating out at McD one day. McNuggets vs Doublecheezeburger. Why de because? Bcoz me heart eating doublecheezeburger.


This is the nutrition information for 6 pieces of McNuggets.

This is the nutrition information for one Double Cheeseburger.

Please click on the picture to view if you can't see properly.
McNuggets won in terms of fats.
Doublecheezeburger won in terms of protein.

I am not trying to say that doublecheezeburger is healthier. I just didn't believe those nuggets tricked me all these while until I saw it with my own eyes. LOL. They are so deceiving. DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!!!! Hehehee ... To be compared with such a huge burger, those nuggets have more fats. WOWwwwww.....

To think that nuggets were better option when you want to reduce fats intake in your body is SO WRONG.

Oh well, I guess I will just reduce my nuggets intake then. Stil can't resist them. Teehee~~

Sunday, September 6, 2009

August Babies Celebrations

Ni hao!!!!

Wo bu hao!! Wo hen stress ying wei wo you kao sze!
(Translation: Me no good, oh so not good. Me sangat stress cuz of exams. So sorry for the lousy pinyin. Ketara betul salah, kan kan! Me no no go chinese school. Me chinese education stopped at Tzu Yu Kindergarten. Since then, my languages used in St. Francis have always been rojak of English and Malay.... hohoho~~)

OK. Let's get to the point.
I celebrated birthday for my friends here whose birthday fall on the month of August. Lets have a look at the celebrations.

2nd August 198x
During her birthday itself, she was not around UKM. She was back in her hometown, Malacca. Of course, nothing stops us from celebrating this big sister, isn't it? 'Us' refers to Brenda, Gnet, Connie, Mark and Pat. The night she came back to UKM, that was the night she was poured with teh o ais limau - minuman kegemaran Brenda dan Connie buat masa ini. That was after she received her birthday gift from myself, Gnet and Connie, which was a helmet. A very impractical one since the helmet was a toy and it couldn't even fit the birthday girl's head. In the picture above, she was driving a imaginary racing car. Some spontaneous ideas came that night itself. Melted ice cream was a toy that night. Kejar-mengejar tu biasa la kan, kalah-kalah filem Bollywood! Click here for more photos.

17th August 2009 Nothing extreme about this one, I think. The maths geeks went out to celebrate their coursemate's birthday after class. It was a regular dinner at 21st Century Restaurant, Kajang. Treated the birthday boy to a meal which was not enough for him plus a chocolate cake for him to blow out the candles. It was just a regular dinner until the candles were blown off and the cake was cut and distributed. Have a look at the picture above and you can guess what happened. The worst part - he was using a white shirt. He called me the evil witch by the way. @@

30th August 198x
I would rate this one as the most extreme one. Remember I write bout the celebration for her birthday? A bit lazy already now. Let the birthday girl tell who what happened instead - click here. Things involved that night: flour, eggs, cream from the birthday cake. This is the exact same place where last birthday was celebrated by Connie, Bridget and Gnet.
For more pictures, please click here. Steve posted some pictures taken that night. Look at the pictures and you can imagine what happened =D
We still love u lots, santut momok!!

Last but not least, message for my dearest besttie Allison whose birthday was on the 2nd August as well. Sorry I can't be with you to celebrate your 21st birthday this year Al. Hope you had lots and lotsa fun with the celebration you had there. Pictures from your facebook says it was fun, wasn't it? =D But but but......I promise a good one next time owkie?? Hope you are having fun in UK now. Bring one hot mat salleh for me when you come back k k??

I think I made a lot of 'enemies' already. Die la me.
Jangan la marah ye. Birthday comes once a year. Bukan selalu.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Do you recognize this blondie?

In case you have not notice, this "orang putih sesat" is me!! =P
I have to admit I look weird in blonde hair. Cannot la this I bleach my hair this. Obviously, I have the typical Asian look, typical chinese look to be more specific. Indeed not many Asians can pull off blonde hair. So don't simply go 'blondified' your hair and attract unwanted attention ok.

Since I know I will definately look weird if I ever clorox-kan my black hair, I have to clorox-kan my black hair virtually. Look! I even changed my hairstyle!! Weeeee....

OK. Enough with the crap. My real intention is to see if I look bad in short hair since I have always wanted to cut them short since years ago. The thought of cutting hair recently surfaced back but as usual, I contemplate again. Truthfully, I don't have the guts to take the risk knowing that I will have to bear with the 'ugliness' if the haircut turns out to be sucky. So I decided to search for some nice hairstyle that I may be able to pull off. I came across a website which allows you to upload your photo and put on different hairstyle on yourself. I gave it a shot. Now, not only you are able to pick the hairstyle, you can even change the colour and length and shape of the selected hairstyle as you wish.

Here I go putting on my virtual wig with different shades of colour. I was a blonde, then I transformed into a brunette, then I had my black hair again... with the same hairstyle.
You judge.
Which colour suits me the best? I will go dye my hair instantly =P Jk~~

These are some wigs that interested me. Some looked so funny that I was laughing to myself in my empty room. Check out the first one where I had Beyonce's hair.
Can you guess whose those other two belong to?
Enough with the different shades. Lets stick to something similar to my current hair colour ok.
There is nothing extraordinary bout this once since I had similar cut before. I received good and bad comments then. Again, you be the judge.
So should I straighten my hair again?

If not, lets look at some other hairstyle.
Remember the time when Rihanna's haircut was so popular that you see everyone on the street have the same hairstyle? I thought of cutting my hair like that before but I figured it wouldn't complement my face shape that much. I decided to 'cut' my hair to that once-famous-hairstyle just now and this is how it turned out.
Lets get more serious now.
I wanted to have shoulder length hair. If I do cut my hair later, I will end up looking like these. Good or no good?
*Gambar ke-2 nampak tua betul ehhhhhhh*
After playing around with the 'safe' hairstyle, I tried something more extreme. Something I would never consider having cuz I believe I can never pull them off. Sure nampak lebih gemuk punya. Somehow...when I put those hairstyle up already (especially the fourth one), I remembered back how I looked like when I was a little girl from the photo albums at home. When I was around 3 years old, I had this short boy-look-hairstyle. The second hairstyle reminds me on Dawn from Malaysian Dream Girl series. Masa itu, sudahlah rambutnya itu pendek, dipendekkan lagi rambutnya itu.
So, are these hairstyles considerable?

I tried all the options available there.
Bangs, short, straight, curly, wavy, party, wedding.
How can I miss out the men's hairstyle, right?
There was not many option of men's haircut available there but I was attracted to these two hairstyle.
You jugde.
Who looks better in those haircuts?

Brenda vs Zac Efron
Brenda vs Barack Obama

Conclusion made.
I need bangs and fringe in whatever hairstyle I will have in the future.

Have fun trying!!


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