Thursday, September 10, 2009


I just finished my Basic of Food Science mid term paper today. Some of you might be thinking, "What de heck is a girl taking a degree in Mathematics studying Food Science??" Hehe... go figure the answer if you don't already know. Ask me if you want to know. =P

I remember back during one of the lectures for this subject, there is something interesting Prof. Salam mentioned in the class that I remember till today.

"In fact, nuggets are among the WORST food in the world. They are all made of skins and fats with a little meat. These ingredients are then breaded, usually bread crumbs. The best part of it all, it is among the BEST and tasty food in the world."

That moment, I stared at Jac and she stared back at me. We both know how yummy chicken nugget can be. I always fill the trolley with a packet of Ramly Chicken Nuggets whenever I go out for groceries shopping with my family. To know that they are made from purely fats and skin (mostly lah), I went..... YUCK!!

Now that I am away from home, I usually go McD for nuggets whenever I crave for them. I always look at these nuggets as some light snack, something healthier.... since white meat (chicken) is definitely healthier than red meat (beef) and less fats since they are so small and little. My mind was thinking what harm can these tiny nuggets do specifically to people who are on diet compared to those big burgers in the menu. They look simply harmless, don't you think so?

Apparently I was wrong. Bad news for you nuggets lovers out there.

I made some comparison when I was eating out at McD one day. McNuggets vs Doublecheezeburger. Why de because? Bcoz me heart eating doublecheezeburger.


This is the nutrition information for 6 pieces of McNuggets.

This is the nutrition information for one Double Cheeseburger.

Please click on the picture to view if you can't see properly.
McNuggets won in terms of fats.
Doublecheezeburger won in terms of protein.

I am not trying to say that doublecheezeburger is healthier. I just didn't believe those nuggets tricked me all these while until I saw it with my own eyes. LOL. They are so deceiving. DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!!!! Hehehee ... To be compared with such a huge burger, those nuggets have more fats. WOWwwwww.....

To think that nuggets were better option when you want to reduce fats intake in your body is SO WRONG.

Oh well, I guess I will just reduce my nuggets intake then. Stil can't resist them. Teehee~~



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