Sunday, September 6, 2009

August Babies Celebrations

Ni hao!!!!

Wo bu hao!! Wo hen stress ying wei wo you kao sze!
(Translation: Me no good, oh so not good. Me sangat stress cuz of exams. So sorry for the lousy pinyin. Ketara betul salah, kan kan! Me no no go chinese school. Me chinese education stopped at Tzu Yu Kindergarten. Since then, my languages used in St. Francis have always been rojak of English and Malay.... hohoho~~)

OK. Let's get to the point.
I celebrated birthday for my friends here whose birthday fall on the month of August. Lets have a look at the celebrations.

2nd August 198x
During her birthday itself, she was not around UKM. She was back in her hometown, Malacca. Of course, nothing stops us from celebrating this big sister, isn't it? 'Us' refers to Brenda, Gnet, Connie, Mark and Pat. The night she came back to UKM, that was the night she was poured with teh o ais limau - minuman kegemaran Brenda dan Connie buat masa ini. That was after she received her birthday gift from myself, Gnet and Connie, which was a helmet. A very impractical one since the helmet was a toy and it couldn't even fit the birthday girl's head. In the picture above, she was driving a imaginary racing car. Some spontaneous ideas came that night itself. Melted ice cream was a toy that night. Kejar-mengejar tu biasa la kan, kalah-kalah filem Bollywood! Click here for more photos.

17th August 2009 Nothing extreme about this one, I think. The maths geeks went out to celebrate their coursemate's birthday after class. It was a regular dinner at 21st Century Restaurant, Kajang. Treated the birthday boy to a meal which was not enough for him plus a chocolate cake for him to blow out the candles. It was just a regular dinner until the candles were blown off and the cake was cut and distributed. Have a look at the picture above and you can guess what happened. The worst part - he was using a white shirt. He called me the evil witch by the way. @@

30th August 198x
I would rate this one as the most extreme one. Remember I write bout the celebration for her birthday? A bit lazy already now. Let the birthday girl tell who what happened instead - click here. Things involved that night: flour, eggs, cream from the birthday cake. This is the exact same place where last birthday was celebrated by Connie, Bridget and Gnet.
For more pictures, please click here. Steve posted some pictures taken that night. Look at the pictures and you can imagine what happened =D
We still love u lots, santut momok!!

Last but not least, message for my dearest besttie Allison whose birthday was on the 2nd August as well. Sorry I can't be with you to celebrate your 21st birthday this year Al. Hope you had lots and lotsa fun with the celebration you had there. Pictures from your facebook says it was fun, wasn't it? =D But but but......I promise a good one next time owkie?? Hope you are having fun in UK now. Bring one hot mat salleh for me when you come back k k??

I think I made a lot of 'enemies' already. Die la me.
Jangan la marah ye. Birthday comes once a year. Bukan selalu.

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