Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Do you recognize this blondie?

In case you have not notice, this "orang putih sesat" is me!! =P
I have to admit I look weird in blonde hair. Cannot la this I bleach my hair this. Obviously, I have the typical Asian look, typical chinese look to be more specific. Indeed not many Asians can pull off blonde hair. So don't simply go 'blondified' your hair and attract unwanted attention ok.

Since I know I will definately look weird if I ever clorox-kan my black hair, I have to clorox-kan my black hair virtually. Look! I even changed my hairstyle!! Weeeee....

OK. Enough with the crap. My real intention is to see if I look bad in short hair since I have always wanted to cut them short since years ago. The thought of cutting hair recently surfaced back but as usual, I contemplate again. Truthfully, I don't have the guts to take the risk knowing that I will have to bear with the 'ugliness' if the haircut turns out to be sucky. So I decided to search for some nice hairstyle that I may be able to pull off. I came across a website which allows you to upload your photo and put on different hairstyle on yourself. I gave it a shot. Now, not only you are able to pick the hairstyle, you can even change the colour and length and shape of the selected hairstyle as you wish.

Here I go putting on my virtual wig with different shades of colour. I was a blonde, then I transformed into a brunette, then I had my black hair again... with the same hairstyle.
You judge.
Which colour suits me the best? I will go dye my hair instantly =P Jk~~

These are some wigs that interested me. Some looked so funny that I was laughing to myself in my empty room. Check out the first one where I had Beyonce's hair.
Can you guess whose those other two belong to?
Enough with the different shades. Lets stick to something similar to my current hair colour ok.
There is nothing extraordinary bout this once since I had similar cut before. I received good and bad comments then. Again, you be the judge.
So should I straighten my hair again?

If not, lets look at some other hairstyle.
Remember the time when Rihanna's haircut was so popular that you see everyone on the street have the same hairstyle? I thought of cutting my hair like that before but I figured it wouldn't complement my face shape that much. I decided to 'cut' my hair to that once-famous-hairstyle just now and this is how it turned out.
Lets get more serious now.
I wanted to have shoulder length hair. If I do cut my hair later, I will end up looking like these. Good or no good?
*Gambar ke-2 nampak tua betul ehhhhhhh*
After playing around with the 'safe' hairstyle, I tried something more extreme. Something I would never consider having cuz I believe I can never pull them off. Sure nampak lebih gemuk punya. Somehow...when I put those hairstyle up already (especially the fourth one), I remembered back how I looked like when I was a little girl from the photo albums at home. When I was around 3 years old, I had this short boy-look-hairstyle. The second hairstyle reminds me on Dawn from Malaysian Dream Girl series. Masa itu, sudahlah rambutnya itu pendek, dipendekkan lagi rambutnya itu.
So, are these hairstyles considerable?

I tried all the options available there.
Bangs, short, straight, curly, wavy, party, wedding.
How can I miss out the men's hairstyle, right?
There was not many option of men's haircut available there but I was attracted to these two hairstyle.
You jugde.
Who looks better in those haircuts?

Brenda vs Zac Efron
Brenda vs Barack Obama

Conclusion made.
I need bangs and fringe in whatever hairstyle I will have in the future.

Have fun trying!!


  1. that short hair no.1 looks ok what
    and i love the obama cut!! haha
    btw saya gatal sangat tangan go cut my hair shoulder length but i promised myself to keep it long2.. but but..
    mau pergi ka? this saturday hariazone? wink wink :P

  2. the blonde wavy hairstyle looked ok..=) hahahha....and also the short short shorrrrrrrrrrrrrtttttttt hair....1st pic..*_^

  3. [joyce] hehehe... knot la blonde... nanti i kena panggil orang putih sesat.. hohohoo

    [gnet] lai lai lai we go cut =D hohoho..... i cut shoulder length u go cut like obama la... weeeee~

  4. hahaha!!!lucu eh, brenda....mcm makcik2 pn ada, mcm retro-star pn ada....:p

  5. hehehe jadi mana stu ko suka la ni.



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