Monday, September 28, 2009

(Wake Me Up) When September Ends

In a blink of an eye, we are heading towards the month of October already. September will be over very very soon. Oh yes, do wake me up when September ends. When October starts, I have to wake up from my dream already though I am reluctant to do so. Yes. This September seems to be like a dream where I get to have stress and fun at the same time. Lets have a look at my September. And why I am loving it.

1. Exam, exam, exam
As a student, how can I run away from examination papers, agree not? I took 6 subjects this semester and I had mid semester papers for 5 subjects altogether. STRESS AKU ok! Midsem period started 28th August, ended 14th September. All the papers had gap of 3-5 days in between. I don't know if I should be happy or to be sad ok. Orang yang start midsem lebih lambat yang habis midsem lebih awal dari saya. I know I should be grateful for the extra time given to study. Unfortunately, I didn't use the given time wisely. My legs "itch" looking at others having fun while I have to eat my books. So, I did steal a little time to have fun myself la. Eeheheee..... I tried to study smart instead of study hard OK though my result is not smart at all.

2. Night Out in Maison
This was the night when Gnet's mousedeer had to round and round and round the same area to look for a place we intended to go. Brenda, Gnet, Cyril, and Priscilla were out in KL looking for some fun and we ended up getting lost. Yes. We did. Even with a phone which has GPS. And yes. Memang bodoh. It was my first time using the GPS in my 5880 (which my brother wants SO SO SO SO MUCH =P) that night and I was unfamiliar with the function. Oh well. I go and learn later ok. I promise. Back to that night. We almost gave up after looking for so long. Gnet was saying "... lets give it one last shot. if stil cannot find, we give up saja la ..." I guess that was the magic word. Terus we jumpa that place. Nothing spectacular happened that night. Just comwhoring and a glass or two of drinks yang tidak sedap sebab tidak cukup "KAO".

3. Family Day
I didn't participate in the games during this annual event of CSSUKM. I was in the groupless group. The groupless group consist of Brenda, Steph, Step, and Erny. Nonetheless, I still had fun handing out birthday gifts and surprises. And belated birthday surprises =D Some were showered with flour and eggs *cough*hailey*cough*alex*. Some had flour yang seakan-akan snow decorated their (or should I say HIS car) *cough*mark*cough.

4. Breakfast Sale
This year CSSUKM Breakfast Sale was less busy than the previous year. Most juniors took over the job of selling the foodstuff. So, I only duduk-duduk and tolong-tolong loh. It is good to see so many helping hands from the members. It didn't take us long to sell out all the food. Money money money, lai lai lai~~~

5. Inter Campus Gathering (ICG)
Students from all universities (public and private) around West Malaysia went to Majodi Centre in Johore Bahru for a 4 days 3 nights event. All gathered in ONE NAME to sing praises and dance like mad mad people. It was simply great because I was able to spend good times with friends whom participated ICG. It was more meaningful being in there with you guys around!! =D

6. Raya Holiday
Adler, Carl and Ivy were here during the one week holiday. These people are friends of my friends. Ehehe... It was simply crazy having them around - laughing till my jaw hurts and stomach cramps. Crazyness of Nicholas alone drives me crazy already, inikan pula diganda-gandakan ke-crazy-an Nicholas itu. Well, one week of holiday in UKM means one week of empty buildings. Those who stayed back in the empty dormitaries had a stemboat session at Zaba cafe. All the rice cookers owned by CSSUKM members were made to full use.

After the makan-makan, the mousedeer and proton saga hitam went to Putrajaya for camwhoring session. Teeeeheeeee~~~ Sesat lagi ok @_@ One new discovery. SOME guys CAMWHORES MORE than girls ok. LOL.

Steph finally fulfilled her promise of bringing Makcik Bridget to Batu Caves. Brenda, Steph, Gnet and Bridget climbed the 272 stairs and we saw lots of monkeys on the way up. Cute and scary. Hehe. I finally made it up there. Weeeee~~ After our morning exercise, we,went shopping in 1Utama and had steamboat for lunch. It was fun! It was fun! It was a fun day!!!!

That is the end of my September stories.
How was yours?


Uni life started as usual already today. Everything is back to normal.
I guess I have to wake up even before September ends.

Hugs and kisses to people who made my September a beautiful dream. You know who you are.

Photo credits to Gnet, Connie and Steve. I was a bit too lazy to take pictures sometimes.


  1. stresssssss owkayyyyy
    but u ppl make the days in ukm so colourful and vibrant sumore! :D
    love love!

  2. same goes to u!!! XOXO =D



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