Saturday, October 3, 2009

First Class Flight with Malaysia Airlines

I traveled on a first class seat using MAS. Yes. You heard me right. I was indeed sitting on the capsule like seat where the price of the ticket usually ranges from RM30K to RM40K. As for me, I got it for FREE!!!!

I flew on the first class air ticket with my fellow coursemates last Wednesday (30th September 2009) and returned on the very same day. From Kajang to Kelana Jaya je =P

Hehe. Ok ok. I lied about the flying part. I don't have such amount of money la ok. For that price of ONE SEAT in a flight, I can buy so many things in my wishlist already. However, it was true that I sat the first class seat in the MAS airplane. If I am not mistaken, this is a Boeing 747 airplane. Not the real airplane though, mock one la. It was built to be exactly the same like the real one for training purpose. Yes yes. For visitors to camwhore too!!

This was an educational trip organized by Maths Club of School of Mathematical Science for the final year Mathematics students. 80 of us went in 2 buses to the MAS Academy located at Kelana Jaya. We went there with the intention of seeking future career opportunities in this industry. It was fun to see those things that they use to train the fellow air stewards/cabin crews. Too bad, we didn't get the chance to see any practical learning going on that time. Camwhoring session started when we entered the grooming room walled with mirrors. These mirrors were used for the grooming lessons. As for us, cameras and handphones started to click, click and click.

For the whole time there, we were explained on the processes one has to go through before he/she is officially a cabin crew. I tell you, it is not easy. The three months of training didn't sound easy from they way briefied us.

"MH is more than a code. MH is Malaysian Hospitality."

Memang they sangat anti 'them' yang pakai baju merah itu punya o. Balik-balik menyindir pasukan merah itu
. Hehe...~~ Example: "...that is why we use sarong. In case of emergency, we can just pull up the sarong and tie to act necessarily. Kalau skirt pendek dan ketat itu, kan susah..." Faham-faham jak la..... *wink wink* Brenda goes on any airline. Tidak cerewet punya. Janji sampai dan murah.

By the way, one significant lesson I learned there - always put on full attire whenever you travel so that you won't hurt yourself with burnts/cuts/scratches in case of emergency. To know more, tips of travelling, please read "Going Places" magazine that you find inside the pocket of the seats in front of you when you travel with Malaysia Airlines (that is what the staff/instructor there told us la...=P).

If you have not experience the services by Malaysian Airline crews yet, go book your ticket now. They are having promotion right now. Makcik-makcik Bridget, Gnet and Connie bought their MAS air tickets to KK for December holiday already. Your turn now. Go GO GO!!!


  1. hi , read my blog on my experience travelling first class with mh

  2. [xplorer]read it already =) must have been a great experience for you. too bad i don't have such amount of money to spend on this. heheee



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