Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bonanza oh Bonanza

I was planning to go for Sushi King any time next week for it's RM2 Bonanza with fellow sushi lovers friends. It has been our semester-ly event and this chain shall not be broken. Read bout it here and here from Makcik Gnet.

This time, the bonanza starts from 12-15th October 2009. Initially, I was planning to purchase the membership card like what I did during my first year. For your information, the bonanza is only open to Sushi King members. Back then, the membership application is only open during the bonanza period. However, Sushi King recently changed the system which I only found out a few minutes ago. Membership application is not allowed during bonanza period anymore. I heard about this from my friends before but I didn't clarify the information. My bad. As of now, today is the only chance for me to get the card. Hopefully they are not sold out. Or else, I don't get to enjoy my salmon this bonanza @_@.

I know I could borrow the card from friends. UNFORTUNATELY, NONE of my friends nor makcik-makcik's friends have the membership card. Makcik Bridget who usually gets the card for us has already graduated. Siapalah mau harap kali ini..."Oh, how we miss you oh Bridget at time like this? Come back and get us a card la...Heheheee...."

Does this mean that the chain will break this time? =( *fingers crossed*

IWANtMYSALMON.IWANtMYSALMON!!!<<--- Kononnya merajuk =P

UPDATED : Manage to borrow a card from Steph Kong liao. YYYiiiippeeee! Salmon oh salmon, here I come to you =D


    and unagi is calling loudly for us too.
    and i hope there's no more depressing sushi this time :P

  2. looking forwarrddddd hehehe
    *emptying my stomach now*
    wuuuhoooooo!!! wweeeeeeeeeeeeee~~
    and yes.. depressing sushi yang kecilll~~~ be patient and look for the non depressing one ok =D

  3. hmmpphhh..u n ur sushi...:-p



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