Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Feeling Fat

Hello peeps. I feel fat.

I am having my exams now. It is exam period. It is eating period.
When I am bored reading my books and notes, I eat and I munch and munch and munch.
When I munch and munch and munch so much, I will soon become like....


I am having six papers this semester. One down, five more to go.
I am having one paper tomorrow afternoon. As of now, I am cramping the whole thing learned for the whole semester into this tiny brain of mine in one night.Thanks to myself for the eleventh hour study.

Good luck to you all (and myself) who needs all the luck WE can get in your studying.
All the best in your examinations.

*back to munching notes mode*


  1. hi obes! -.- later later we go play bdmtn again ok... btw, finish ur exm 1st...

  2. boleh aja.. tunggu abis ni dulu ya. after dis punya boleh rileks ckit sudah <(^(oo)^)>

  3. hahahahaha....sooo gumuk....xpa...kita workout berabis ah.....hut hut hut!!!

  4. haha stresssss saya melihat gambar itu
    all the best love! :-*

  5. Hahahaha!!!!!!!!

    u look soooooooooooooooooo CUTE wei! :)



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