Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Want


adorable cuttie pie fella (I am not sure male or female =P)

Yes yes yes!! I want the white one. I WANT!!!........... I want a white doggie at home for a change. Sick of ALL BLACK DOGS at home. I wannnnnnn @_@

Yesterday I found out that the dog in the old house I used to stay in Luyang gave birth to many puppies some time ago and this white one is one of the adorable puppies. I want to keep the white this darling. I want I want I want. Prettyyyyy plssssssss........

Have to minta from Uncle Michael la this... I wonder if Dad allows me to keep it or not. I WANN...... *making puppy eyes*

Credits to Tata for the pictures.

On the other hand, I just finished my third exam paper. It was =.= terrible horrible vegetable! 3 more upcoming papers and I'll be on cloud 9.

Till then!


  1. Cute!!!!!!!!!!get it gal..:D
    and all the best in ur upcoming papers..:D

  2. kiut!!! I want oso......pity me, my anjing yg sa plihara selama 10 tahun akhirnya meninggalkn sa utk selamanya.....sob3...

  3. my anjing pun go heaven sudah... sob sob.... i wan to take tapi macam my dad dowan =.= i wannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn @_@

  4. HAHA

    *gnet goes crazy*

  5. go luyang curi
    when u come back later

  6. [Lek] i wan go curi. come la we together go curi :D but make sure daddy dont put back in luyang later la >.<

    [Conee] baiklah back to you. i know u think it is cute TOO :D



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