Saturday, November 14, 2009

City of Entertainment

... again. I went up Genting Highlands for the second time this semester. This time, it was with the sea creatures makcikz - me myself the Crabby, Squid, Tuna, Starfish and Syllvia. To know how did we get our names, read here *click* <(T(oo)T)> I may be pretty bored with the same thing there, but it was the company that matters. Going to the same place with different bunch of people just gives me different experience, agree not?

Our RM7.90 chicken rice lunch before going up the cable car.

Inside the cable car discussing about the possibilities of the cable cars accidents. It was such a serious topic especially for Connie yang GAYAT :P

This is the look from the Connie inside the cable car the whole time. Kakinya lemah longlai. Hilang sudah macho-ness Connie.
The picture in the middle with red circle shows "the toe-less nail".
I blurted out "the toeless nail" when I was speaking to Steph when I actually intended to say "the nail-less toe" T___T

Upon arrival, we checked in to our super comfy room which can accomodate more than 6 people. Itulah yang lain don't want to come. We could have more people joining the pillow fight okey!

This is just a random shot in the room :D

After throwing all our stuff in the room, we left for the theme park.

Our first ride of the day :D WEeeeeeeeeeeEEeee~~~
Waiting in line for the second ride - Cyclone.
Our ride :D Connie's personal favourite heeeheeee
I can't help laughing at the girl behind Gnet and Connie. Wakakaaa!! Connie's expression was the opposite of hers, semua tutup dengan kuatnya
Kanak-kanak istimewa yang sudah tua tapi perasan muda.
Insisted on having the plance with the same colour with the shirt.

This is the last ride of the day - Spaceshot.
This is what happened after we went up the spaceshot.
Looking at the pics above, you can guess what happened during the ride, right? It rained when we were going up that thing. Correction. It was POURING MADLY when we were going up that thing. We went from dry to soaking dripping wet during the ride. In fact, we were in the clouds of rain when we were at the peak of the ride. We felt every drop of the rain, big droplets hitting your face and we can do nothing about it except sit still =.= Plus, it was FREAGGING COLD i tell you. It rained so heavily that all the rides were stopped and everyone ran to the nearest shade. The blowing cold wind only made the situation worse, so cold that we shivered while waiting for the rain to stop. It was definitely a hell of an experience~!! How often do you get the chance to be in the clouds of rain physically (without being inside the airplane of course :P) or have such ride operated in such condition? This would be the first time for me. Something memorable from the trip this time.

There was nothing else we could do with the rain continously pouring. We went back to our room for a nice hot shower. However, all of us traveled light - none of us expected to be soaked that terribly. Four of us had to use back our wet jeans after such nice shower =.= Dinner was up next with nasi lemak as our menu. Papa kedana sudah semua orang, kan akhir semester sudah. We didn't get to play outdoor games as the package didn't include indoor park. I took it for granted that I didn't check the package bought assuming it was inclusive of all park just like previously. I guess they recently changed it. Sorry darlings. My bad.

After dinner, we were went shopping and had some "fashion show" in MNG store. We tried most of the clothes in the closet as if the whole shop was our closet - the sales girl didn't bother bout us. Berabis lah we bergaya in front of the mirror :D and camera :DD Finished with that, we proceed to the casino for the free milo inside. Hheheeh~~ Balik tidur lepas tu. Everyone was dead tired already by 10.30pm. It is official. We are all old people.

Next day, there was nothing much we could do. It was raining outside - can't take photos outside. So, we had our photo session in the room instead. Camwhoring session lasted quite long. Long enough to keep us occupied till check out time. We packed our things and went back home. Here are some random pictures from my camera. Most of the photos taken are in Gnet's camera.

By the way, I think the weather there made my brain kooookooooo. Remember bout the picture of the "toe-less nail" above? That was not the only mistake. Among others:

1. "Put your hair inside your rambut." instead of "Put your hair inside your baju."

2. "I can sleep with the life on.
" instead of "I can sleep with the light on."

I forgot another one heheheeee..

Apparently, this disease is contagious. Steph terjangkit and she said "Let's go to the milo for the casino." Will you kena jangkit also after reading this?? :DD

On the other hand, I am back home already. Let's go out and make the most out of this holiday. Weeeeeee.....!! So many to look forward!!!!!!!!! I LOIKE HOLIDAY. I LURVE HOLIDAY. Don't you????? :DDDDD

XOXO from B :D


  1. LOL,too badddddd....again the youngest lady among the makciks can't make it...>_< i thought the spaceshot is like water pouring down or shooting up before reading the following paragraph....wakakaka...*rolling on the floor* ~ toeless nail, go to the milo for casino....oh my.......*still can't stop laughing la weh*
    Enjoy ur hol yea dear...another group of friends coming to mlc..i think i shall charge the next group for tour guide's fees liao la.....if i started awal, should be ok the NEXT GROUP who come to mlc ALERT!!!:D hahahah

  2. u cann make it oneeeee.. u choose not to go nia >.< merajuk!!!! hehehee yaya i duno what happened that day leh... all tersasul one >.< next sem then go mlc. u knot charge us one la. u promise liao oneeee..

  3. it was a good trip! definitely!
    though we didnt do much, still it was worth it
    syok sendiri again once more :D
    love you crazy ppl darlings!!

  4. jgn kejelesan okie. kita pergi broga lain kali okei? mari sayang balik :D



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