Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dilemma of a Shopaholic

If you know me well enough, you would have known that I am a shopaholic. Shopping makes me happy. Shopping makes me happier IF ONLY I have all the money I need to buy all the things that I want. However, I always have trouble making up my mind over all the choices available. Dilemma. Always in dilemma.

Best example - clothes. I feel like grabbing all the colours that I like without having to CHOOSE ONLY ONE. OMG! Headache la like that....

Like recently, I was contemplating between the colours of the dress I was interested in one of the blogshop (Simpli-cious). FYI, I have addiction to online shopping as much as shopping offline (meaning in the malls la). Now, it is even harder to make decision buying things online since the real items are not there for you to see and I can't try them on. I can only rely on the pictures and imagine myself in it. Risky, I know. Siapalah suruh suka sangat shopping? So, I started to ask friends around and everyone gave me their opinions. Blue or grey? Grey or blue? Blue? Grey? Argghh.....

I ended up buying the blue one. Some think that I should have taken grey instead of blue. Too late! The dress is on the way already.

Today, I browsed around blogshops again and I instantly fell in love with another dress in Ladies Fashion. Here I go again. Contemplating is my number one game. Indecisiveness is contemplation's best friend. They always come in together. Red or turqoise? Turqoise or red?

I was so frustrated with my indecisiveness. I came up with an idea. I ended up doing something out of the ordinary instead of studying for my upcoming exam. This is the time to try out my photoshop skill. *Nod nod* I photoshop-ed myself into that dress - both colours. I did this very selamba only la - as long as I can see myself in those dresses enough la. By the way, the photo is taken during Steph's 21st Birthday Celebration which was September 2008.

Now, did that make my decision making easier? NOPE. I liked both =.=|| *sigh* However, it did help others to decide for me. I was told to get red one instead of turqoise. Majority voted for red anyway. Like it or not, I have to pick one. *sigh again*

So, which one would do you pick? What say you?

Dilemma oh dilemma.


  1. 0_o... owh, cant decide for you lah... i like both too... ~tmbhkan ur dilemma~

  2. hahaha...tambah lagi second one looked 2 ternampak conee's profile pic is SIPUT!!:D
    okok, both also nice ler...=S

  3. purpleeeeeeeeee haha
    we are useless friends haha

  4. [Conee & Gnet] Thankiuuuuu *sambil mengangkat skirt and bow*

    [Joyce} The second one slimmer is photoshop punya problem. Lol. U r not helping either >.<



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