Saturday, November 7, 2009

In 7 Days Time

I will be back at home. I am flying back to my home sweet home next Saturday.

Following are among the things to look forward:
(not according to preferences ok!)
1. Mum's and Bro's cooking - waiting to try out new food from Bro >.<
2. Local delicacies where you can only find it back home hinava made by Dad!!
3. My own queen size bed where I can gulik-gulik around all day long
4. Silver waja SA5xx3D - it feels good when you have the keys to go anywhere, anytime
5. My retarded doggies (keeping hope I will see the white puppy when I am home)
6. My own personal toilet :D with water heater okeh....
7. Visit from the bunch of makciks and pakcikz - islands, beaches, food, lepakingz, tour guiding, pillow fight etc weeeeeee!!!!!!!
8. Quality time with family including cousins <(^(oo)^)>
9. Many more
10. Many more
11. Many more
12. And the list goes on....

I want to go home.

However, before I go home, I want to SHOP, SHOP AND SHOP first :D

Exam fast fast over liao la.

Shoo shoo~~~~


  1. hurray!!!!!going back in one week's time huh...*_^ LOL, all d best in ur last paper(s)...:D will be off to kuching and KK veryyyyyyyyyy soon...hahaha...

  2. weeeee...I'm looking forward to it too!!



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