Sunday, September 13, 2009

Absent Minded

*Her brain has not been functioning well recently.

*She has been having empty brain when she is not suppose to be since there is still another mid term paper tomorrow (Monday) afternoon for her Algebra Structure subject.

*She has been so absent minded that she were WAY TOO PUNCTUAL ---->>>> TWICE, TWO DAYS IN A ROW namely Saturday and Sunday.

Her friend de Tuna wanted to go church earlier than we usually do for sunset mass. Her intention was to go for sacrament of reconciliation. Usually, these girls (de Tuna and de Starfish) will leave in the campus with the blue 5993 around 6.30pm. Around 5.00pm, de Starfish was all ready to go and she went down to de Tuna's room.

Tuna was shocked with the response, "Awal juga ko makcik."
Starfish answered, "Eh, bukan jam 5 ko cakap tadi."
Tuna replied back, "PUKUL 5.50 la makcik"......


Previously on Friday night, de Starfish received a sms telling her to get ready by 7.00am at the bus stop down her dormitary. On Saturday night, de Starfish and Tuna was discussing whether to go Kajang Holy Family Church with the arranged transport or to go with the blue 5993. Discussion ended with sms that sounds like this: "Owkay. I tell Mark then." Before going to sleep that Sunday EARLY MORNING, de Starfish set her alarm to 6.30am since she has to be ready by 7.00am. She then woke up that Sunday morning and get ready since she was told to be punctual. She was looking at the time, tangan panjang jam menunjukkan 12 sudah. Quickly rushed down to de Tuna's room only to find she is not ready yet.

Tuna looked at Starfish and said the same thing again, "Awal juga ko ni. Jam 7 bah."
Starfish answered, "Not 7 already ka this??...." *looking at the watch*
Tuna answered back, "Baru jam 6 bah ni. Bingung juga ko."


Notes to people who are not the sea creatures:
Starfish refers to Brenda
. Tuna refers to Connie.

P/S: I didn't mentioned that I forgot to lock my room door, did I? Oh yeah. I slept with unlocked door last night. Not only that, I was worried that my room will be wet due to the heavy rain last night around 3 am thinking that my window was not closed but I was just too lazy to shut it In the morning, I found out that my window was properly shut and my door was unlocked. Terbalik pula. OMG. I think the MSG in the 4 packets of maggie in a week is making me stupid. I am not going to stock my instant noodles anymore. Enough. Lets eat healthy now, though it might be too late to realise that now since tomorrow's paper is already the last paper.

UPDATED 15/09/09
Please change all the 'starfish' in the context
to 'crabby' please. Brenda is the 'crabby', Stephanie is the 'starfish'. This shows how absent minded I am again. =.=||||


  1. LOL
    *guling-guling on my double bed*

  2. eh... u crabby.

    curi my name :p I is the starfish la... :)

  3. tq for the notification. memang bingung me kan. ternyata benar @_@

  4. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... i got my identity back :p

    *thinks of an episode of spongebob when patrick lost his name. kakaka...*

  5. ahazzz sorry TERcuri your identity~~ pls still llove meeeeeeeeee =P



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