Sunday, September 27, 2009

Maths Geeks in Genting

This is so yesterday. Oh so many many yesterday already. Soli soli ya~~

15 minus 1 mathematics geeks went up to Genting Highlands around a week ago. 17th September 2009 to to be exact. 14 geeks decided to have one night stand there after planning for such a long time. Plan yang tidak pernah jadi-jadi itu akhirnya telah terlaksana sekian lamanya. The initial plan was proposed last semester if I am not mistaken. Oh ya. The 'plus one' that went there with us was one of the geeks punya boyfriend (which was hired to be the photographer ---> who wants to use digital camera when you have a fantastic DSLR camera for camwhoring right?? teehee~~)

Lets cut the crap and look at photos ok? HERE goes.

The bus that we used was not full but there were many aunties and uncles inside which talked and talked and talked all the way from KAJANG TO GENTING. I don't mind them talking, but the volume and the frquency.... OMG~~ Menyakitkan telinga sunguh =(

What else can you do in the cable car besides camwhoring isn't it? Three of us conquered one cable car. Yi Sheng (guy in white shirt) and Shook Yi (girl in black shirt) both sitting at one side and I am alone in the other side. No equality there... memang la imbalance punya.

Shook Yi figured that she should be in my side to balance out the cable car and she hopped over. Weeeee~~~~ See how safe and secure cable car is =P ???

Our activities while waiting for the rest to arrive: Jump on the beds, camwhoring, shopping...

... and food of course =D

When the rest arrived, we went food hunting and terserempak with Mr. Skeleton. Advice to people on diet, please don't over starve yourself ok. Look how ugly you might turn out to be. Cute to be fleshy and gendut like me =P

After exploring the whole First World Plaza for food, we settled for Hou Mei. Food varies from asian food to western food. Kuetiao soup, curry mee, roti john, fish burger, chicken chop... you name it.
It was pretty late already when we all finished our dinner. The only activity left --> CAMWHORING!! Weeeee~~~

I love the pics taken here. Teeheee~~
I tried to enter the casino for the first time in my life and my first attempt FAILED. I passed the first guard but the second guard stopped me and asked for my ID. I confidently gave him my identification card (IC) and he confidently halau me out with two simple sentence, "Bulan sepuluh ni. Tidak boleh." (FYI: I am only officially 21 years old this October. But... but... but... it is only a month away............=X So strict meh??~~~) However, persistent people don't give up so easily. Second attempt was done via another different entrance and I SUCCEED! Hooray!!! Wakakaka... It was definitely something new for me. I didn't touch anything inside except for the drinks dispenser. Skema kan? Heheeee..

That same night, the girls were locked out of the room for some silly reason. Long story short, we didn't have the key to enter to our own room. So, me, Shook Yi and Shin Yee stayed in the boys' room a while and play with cards. UNO!!! Highlight of the night was a new game I just learned - the loser (Alvin) had some punishment where he had to imitate superman WITH COSTUME. So, he had to run from one corner to another corner of the room with his brief outside his pants. Sorry Alvin, I really can't help laughing!!! I decided not to post the video here. Have some mercy on the guy la ok. Kesian him later >.<

Picture of the night.
Following pictures are taken the next day. Some went to the casino. Some went to the theme park. Some went shopping. Some went camwhoring.

This is us again camwhoring while waiting for the 5.30pm bus to go back.

It was raining heavily when we were leaving. The mist was so thick. Yet, the bus driver still speed on the hilly road - almost hit a car in front!!!!! SCARYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We arrived safely at Hentian Kajang around 7.00pm and it was the worst time of all. Cabs were not available as it was time for the Malays to buka puasa. Adakah pemandu teksi itu semuanya Melayu?? @_@ Luckily, Yi Sheng managed to get a car from someone. Barulah selamat sampai di UKM.

That night was kinda creepy. It was raining heavily and the whole dormitary was empty. Most students went back home already. I was damn tired. Still, I had to pack for the 4 days 3 nights camp (Inter Campus Gathering - ICG) the next day in Plentong, Johore Bahru.

As for the trip to Genting, I would say that it was a good chance to bond everyone together. I know it could have been better - should do more things together next time since we all went on separate ways most of the time up there this time. Nonetheless, it was fun to get crazy with all of you...good getaway from the lecture hall.

P/S: Gnet, when is your turn to go up there and scream your heart out in those rides? And laugh looking at some people yang macho di luar sahaja?? *wink*cough*connie*cough*

Will post some ICG soon. Stay tune peepz.

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