Saturday, September 12, 2009

It Runs In The Family Too

I just stumbled across some old pictures in my laptop last night. I thought to myself, my cousins are all are as crazy are my friends here too. See it for yourself. =D

These pictures were taken during new year eve of 2009 - means on 31st December 2008 loh. I have not started blogging yet then.

They were playing the game where you look for candies the the whole pile of flour. That explains the snow.

This happens whenever there is flour around. Somebody will turn into pontianak.
Just like Mami Santut and some others did. *evil laugh*

When there is flour, there is water. We need water to wash the flour off and I am offering my helping hand. We had mini water pistol that night but they were all taken. I creatively invented my own water pistol. *evil laugh again*
We thought we had enough, so we had our group shots. We were ALL soaking wet - water still dripping. Untung kalau ada lelaki sana. Baju melekat di badan semua.

It seems that the party was not over yet. There were some leftover balloons from the decoration. Water started to flow into the balloons - WATER BALLOONS!! *evil laugh again and again*

We made some HUGE silicones for the boys and they LOVE them. They were proud of their NEW ASSETS. Can't determine what was their size after the 'surgery' but definately nothing smaller than GG cup. Got such size ka? Hohohoho~~ *rofl*
These are all the crazy cousins I have in my family. This was the moment where we waited for the fireworks indicating new year. Everyone had their share of water balloons to throw at somebody. Some even kept them safe and sound under their shirts - limelight to the stripey green/white shirt, stripey red/black shirt and brown shirt. As high as Gunung Kinabalu, as big as a basketball. Upsize bebeh!
Not enough with the water pistol and water balloons, everyone started playing with the water hose too. Semestinya bil air bulan itu menjunam tingginya. So that is how I celebrated my new year eve.

What say you now?
My cousins are just as crazy as my friends or my friends are just as crazy as my cousins?
(I think my friends are crazier la. Water are not as smelly as egg - the 'aroma' just stays for so long in your shirt. Some even brought up the idea of using whipped cream yang mahal to decorate friend's car. Since whipped cream is expensive, cheaper alternative such as margerine was considered as well. Imagine waking up one day to find your car polished with margerine instead of flour. You will be so grateful that we only settled for flour to decorate your car. *cough*proton saga hitam*mark*cough*)

By the way, I can't stop laughing at these videos. Click here for the complete one. I am just too lazy to load the videos. Have fun watching!!


  1. HAHA
    sama saja your family tu -.-
    at least your friends are still sane. no play2 with water balloons ok :P
    but good idea though heheheh

  2. same same saja tu. 2 kali 5 sama sepuluh.
    both also INSANE. still loving you all tho xoxo =)



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