Monday, August 31, 2009

Highlights of August

HELLO peeps =D

I am back again with some highlights of the month of August. Will be having less words though - very very tired now. Furthermore, I am suppose to be studying for my upcoming midterm paper. Here goes.

1. Graduation Week

Congratulations to all graduated seniors - Bridget, Hil, Mark, James, Yun, Eein, Chin Teik, Leng Ken and all others that wore those colorful robes.
Sorry that I didn't get to post all the photos taken. Some of the photos are in my camera's memory and there is no way to get them out since I didn't the USB cable here. Those pics are the only copy I have. Soli soli!!!
Anyway, good luck with the working world all of you. Have fun working.
For those who are continuing your study in higher level, have fun studying being a student again =D Thanks for everything may it be the happy moments we shared or the notes and guidance that were given to me. Bit and pieces of them mean a lot to me.
I sincerely appreciate them ALL A LOT!
May God bless you all always, everywhere you go =)

Left to right: Hilary, Yun and Eein

Makcik-makcik sekalian
Went to the last day of Pesta Konvo in Dewan Gemilang and did some shopping.
The one in brown holding banana is Makcik Bridget - bought it for her graduation.

2. Dinners with James and Bridget

Had dinner with Koko James in Kajang one of the nights during the graduation week before he left West Malaysia. Don't know when I will be seeing him again but I wish him all the best in his future. Thanks for all the fun times in CSSUKM for my whole term serving as EXCO. Indeed I learnt a lot from you. Plus, I would award you with the BEST MALE COMPANION award for all the outings we had. Looking forward to see you soon, more outings to come ok?? ICG perhaps...HEhehee~~

Had dinner with Makcik Bridget and Gregg also in Restaurant 88 on the way to Kajang town. I will be seeing Makcik Bridget again in September for the Inter Campus Gathering (ICG) that I mentioned above. So, no need to miss her so much. Hehe... kidding la. Despite the fact I will be seeing her soon, I will still miss this makcik. Thanks to all the great outings we had throughout the whole term last year and this year. They were simply fantastic and bombastic thanks master planner who always have ideas where to go and she will arrange everything. EVERYTHING WILL BE PUT IN PLACE. I definately have to award her with the BEST PLANNER award for all the beautiful memories we all had. Continue to plan for more and we will meet again ok? =D

Last but not least, thanks for the both the delicious and yummy dinner Koko James, Makcik Bridget and Doctor-To-Come Gregg. Dapat juga jimat sedikit money =P

3. Desa Amal Jireh Visit

i-Club of UKM paid a visit to a home in Jalan Broga, Semenyih. Desa Amal Jireh is a home for orphans as well as old folks. These are people have various kind of backgrounds who needs more love than they can receive from people like us. Ten of us students went there went there with planned activites for the whole day - games like Tressure Hunt, 'Captain Ball', Mini Carnival, Drama Presentation, Story Telling Competition, Food Preparation, and photo taking session of course. Prizes were given to the winners of course. I am so happy to see them smiling throughout the day... especially the kids. Would love to go back and bring them more joy.

The first thing I saw when I arrived that place were these. I thought the residents were these geese =P

Kids were excited to see us there.

One the kids yang tengah kesedihan masa itu cuz somebody pulled his ears before we arrived.

This happy kid who kept speaking chinese to me - hopefully my "banana" chinese didn't kantoi.

This cute and pretty girl is a mixed of Chinese and Indian.
Suddenly I realised my eyes were so puffy since I only slept for 2 hours the night before.

At first, they were so enthusiatic to TAKE photo.

And then, they were so enthusiastic to SNAP photos.
They rampas my camera and fighting over it to snap pic @@.
Hampir-hampir handphoneku dirampas juga.

The older kids made sandwiches for tea time.
I was told this is their first time preparing egg sandwich. WOW~

The younger ones were preparing chocolate ball.
They were given gloves to prepare the food but they couldn't resist the smell of the chocolate in the air
that they licked the ingredients off the gloves.
Luckily the chocolate balls were made by themselves FOR THEMSELVES @_@.

These are the outcomes of the chocolate ball. It's funny to see them drying the cholocolate balls under the hot sun
cuz they thought it was too wet. Smart kids I would say~~!! I would that deny also the chocolate balls look like something else.
Like POO POO uhhuh??
Recipe by Hwei Huih. Taste is not too bad, too sweet for me though.

Group photo

Me and Jo in the bus on the way back.

Gnet!! I saw this adorable doggie there and I wanted to play with it but I was preparing food that time =(

4. Gnet's Birthday Celebration

There is no story of photos yet for this one. Coming soon.
This out to be an interesting one!!! *evil grins*
Do come back and check again heheh~~

5. Merdeka Day Celebration

I didn't purposely go out to celebrate National Day. My uncles and aunties and fellow cousins were here in KL for the so called "long weekend". MAS air ticket murah ma. Stayed with them for one night in Legend Hotel. The room was fantastic!! I enjoyed the bathtub SO SO MUCH (macam budak kecil pla >.<) after pusing Midvalley for hours. Shopped like mad but ended up with only 3 items at the end of the day.
It was a great weekend indeed seeing all of you,
being away from campus especially. Hehee~~

Me and cousin Dine

Me and cousin Arleen
Camwhoring dalam bilik yang cantik and super comfy itu. Bukan selalu can stay in such room ok?? =P

The view from the room.
No fireworks when the clock strikes 12.

Dull la merdeka celebration this year.

Sunday night dinner. Went for McD afterwards for second round. Hehe~~Me and cousin Victoria

That is all.
Tenkiu veli much.
Credits to Gnet for some pics. I grabbed them from Facebook.

**I am way out off my schedule - suppose to start study an hour ago**


  1. haha that dog! so messy lah! wished that i cud just trim the fur. cheh. macam tau trim fur. haha

  2. bukan lagi trim... botakkan sudah tu if gnet mau trim =P

  3. yesh yeshhhh....lets go shoppiinnggggkkkkkk!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~



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