Friday, August 7, 2009

I Am A Type Of Blood

The blood that is running through my body is A type =P

I went for blood donation last Tuesday (4th August 2009). I was feeling generous with my blood. Hehe~~

My red warm blood going around my hand.

This is my second time donating anyway. My first time donating was more than a year ago which was early last year. I fainted that time. Thinking back, it was rather funny cause I pretty much created a scene there >.< *shy* with people layan-ing me like I was the princess. LOL!

This time I learned my lesson so that I shall not humiliate myself again. I decided that I shall take more rest after the donation.

And I did.

But the same thing happened to me minus the fainting part. I was so weak and dizzy after I started taking a few steps after the donation. I could barely take any step further. I practically crawled walked to the nearest bench near me WHICH WAS UNDER THE HOT SUN where everyone that passed by gave the what-a-weird-girl-sleeping-under-the-hot-glaring-sun look. I can't be bothered at that moment. I was having cold sweat, spinning head along with SUPER WEAK body.

Luckily one of the person in charge there spotted me and I was brought to rest. I was told that I look pale. I didn't realise I fell asleep for 30 minutes while resting. When I gained my conciousness back, it was 4.30 pm and I have class at 5 pm. I figured it is time to walk to class.

I was feeling better as I was walking to the lecture hall before I started feeling weak again. I had to stop again. My friend, Gloria, that was passing by saw me resting on the bench again, with a pale look. Immediately, she called Connie. She told me to go back to my room but I insist on going for class though. I reached lecture hall sharp at 5 pm. A journey that usually takes 5 minutes turned to a journey of 30 minutes that day. At that moment, I thought to myself...

Should I continue to donate blood next time?
Does this mean that I am not meant to donate blood?

I would really want to donate but I really hate the weak feeling. It sucks. It really does. I realise this time was worse than the first time.

Effect of the blood donation?

Picture of the bruise above was taken three days after I donated my blood. Is it the nurse fault? Or is it my fault? If it is the nurse who didn't know how to poke that huge needle into the correct place, I can tell you this nurse is WAY BETTER than the nurse that attended me during my first time donating as my bruise then was A LOT BIGGER and WORSE than this.

Still thinking if I should donate again next time especially after someone telling me that donating blood makes donor fatter since blood donation increases food apetite with the new cell growth. After all, the weakness feeling is only temporary compared to the pain bear by those who needs MY blood =D

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