Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Perfection Is Not Always Fun

I have been doing this particular assignment for the subject Strategy & Control since last week. In this subject, we are suppose to determine the available moves in a game like Poker or Paper, Stone and Scissors. The reward of each move is calculated to determine the best strategy for every players in the game. Long story short, there is a lot of numbers, charts and calculation were used in compeleting this assignment.

However, when everything was drafted into the paper already, it is time to type them all out. As this is a group work which involves a lot of typing of numbers and fractions, we divided the task among the four of us. Guess what? A few of us came up with different way of expressing the same sentence with different way of typing. Have a look at the photo below. Click on it to enlarge.

Being the perfectionist me (most of the time especially in presentation wise), I standardized EVERYTHING where I had to change one by one. It was troublesome bcuz I had to change the normal text into equation in Microsoft word. In short, I had to go a lot of clicking and waiting (it takes some time to load the equation function).

Have a look at the chart below. I had to do this with photoshop cause Microsoft Word didn't allow me to do this since it was slightly different from the ordinary one.

Conclusion made. I learned more photoshop and ms word skills more than my mathematical skills in completing this assignment. Irony.

So, being a perfectionist is not fun sometimes since every little details matters. Of course you get the satisfaction of the result at the end of your work. However, the process of making everything perfect is such a killer.

I do wish I can tutup sebelah mata and ignore those little details sometimes.
Brenda oh Brenda, sendiri cari masalah...

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