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PPSM Faculty Night

Last night was the Faculty Nite a.k.a FACNITE of PPSM (Persatuan Pura-Pura Suka Matematik) (Pusat Pengajian Sains Matematik). For your information, PPSM is the the School of Mathematical Science of UKM where all the maths geeks gather and take up a degree in a field where most people HATE, DISLIKE, DESPISE, BOIKOT our core field - MATHEMATICS. We all consist of people taking up 3 courses that are offered in this school namely Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science. Every term, we have a prom night organized by the chinese students of this school where everyone get together and have fun.

This year, the theme of the night was "Let It Shine". Everyone dressed their best to look their best except for some people of course *cough*LiMei*cough*. Instead of having the dinner in hotel ballroom like the previous years, it was held in a restaurant in Semenyih.

Janbo Restaurant

We all went together in 3 cars everyone didn't know the way there. The only thing that showed us the direction was ONE SINGLE MAP. I was the passenger in Ling Fong's car. Even before we were out of UKM, Ling Fong lost the other two cars from sight. Memang fail la ni tailgate skill.

In the car was Jac, Me, Fion, Wan Ting and the driver Ling Fong

Upon arrival camera started clicking already.

These are the food that were served last night. It was all good except for the fish. The restaurant was smart enough to cut the whole fish into 2 pieces and throw the whole thing into the soup yang hanyir. Memang fail la ni masak ikan. The fish was served in a claypot which was heated by the mini stove. For one moment, I thought the course switched to steamboat @_@. Besides the fish, we had the Hot & Cold Dishes (jellyfish, otak-otak, scrambled egg with shark's fin, oyster), Fish Maw + Shark's Fin Soup, Duck Braised in Sweet Sauce, Chicken Coooked with Peanuts, Garlic Prawns, Mushrooms, Dumpling, Pancakes, and some sweet dessert. All chinese dishes, the typical dishes you find in wedding dinner. I have to say, for the price we paid, it was all worth it. Shark's fin man~ NO JOKE....though it might be the fake one la hehehe!

Then let me introduce my fellow coursemates from left to right, up to down. =D One missing though cuz she didn't attend the dinner - Sue Ping.

Starting with Yi Sheng, Sam, Kian Yoong, May, Angel, Sin Wei, Alvin, Jac, Shook Yi, Leon, Ling Fong. I apologise for the picture with Shook Yi being different from the rest. I just realised I didn't have individual photo with her, so I guess she deserves bigger space hehehe. Soli soli!!

Coming right up are people from different courses - Statistics and Actuarial Science.

Left to right and up to down again : Hean Hui, Ching Shuang, Chau Sen, Yong Feng, Wan Ting, Yong Fok.

The Fac King and Fac King during my year.
Fac King = Prom King and Fac Queen = Prom Queen

This is my partner, Ah Loke, when I was the candidate during my first year. An interesting fact for you people outside of PPSM. My partner and I share the same birthday with the difference of twelve months though - he is a year younger than me.

For the whole night, flashes from camera came from all direction. EVERYONE including myself was camwhoring with their phones and cameras. Vain people =D My battery which just charges went flat by the end of the night.

The last shot of the night was a group photo of all the final year students of PPSM.
Spot me spot me!!! =P

After dinner, we wanted to hangout somewhere else since the night was still young. Someone proposed to watch 'The Proposal' but the last show started 11.55pm (it was 11.45pm then). Everyone refused to go mamak since everyone was dressed up for red carpet as if we were going for Grammy Awards. Teehee~ I am just exaggerating. Fikir punya fikir, we decided to go back home. *sob sob*

Everyone hopped into the car we all came in with earlier. I was in Ling Fong's car, remember? I can tell you, the girl is one "good" driver. Though fast and scary, her driving is rather stable - except when she was lost the second time of the night. Instead of taking the left turn, she took the right turn. We went opposite direction of home. When we all realised that we were lost cuz of the unfamiliar roads, we were looking for a U-turn. Up in front, we were stuck in a jam. 12 midnight. We were all complaining about the jam when we realized there is a road block in front that caused all the jam. When it was our turn, we were asked to stop by the side. Ling Fong stopped the car further in front and the police wanted to chase us already (he thought we were running away).

In the car.

Police: Tolong keluarkan lesen.
*Ling Fong took out her driving license and passed it to the policeman*
Police: Minte pasport.
*Everyone kebingungan - PASSPORT!!!!??!*
Police: Keluarkan IC. [changed his mind]
*Everyone took out IC except for Fion who didn't bring her IC out*
Police: Yang tepi tu, tolong keluar dari kereta. [pointing at Wan Ting]
*Wan Ting who was sitting next to the driver's sit got down after a minute or two - she got stuck for don't know what already. Wan Ting thought he wanted to test if she was drunk. Now that I think of it, if any test should be conducted, isn't it the driver who should be test? =P He started searching around the car with his mini torchlight - dashboard, Ling Fong's car seat that looked weird. *
Brenda: Encik, cari ape ni?
Police: Mane tau ade ape-ape ke.....

*He continued searching*

Police: Nak pergi mane ni?
Brenda: Baru balik dari function.
Police: Patutlah pakai macam ni... Kerje mane?
Brenda: Huh?? Kerje??? Ktaorang pelajar la...
Police: Pelajar? Kat mane??...
Brenda: UKM... kat Bangi

*He continued searching and was pointing his torchlight at the rear seats. Tersuluhlah our kaki-kaki sekalian*

Police: Tak nak tengok kaki-kaki awak semue ni. Nanti kena complain....

*After a while of searching, he decided to quit. Since we were lost, I decided to ask for direction. Kan malu bertanya, sesat jalan.*

Ling Fong: Encik, macam mane nak balik UKM?

Police: Jalan lurus saje, pas tu U-turn balik ke Kajang. Kena pergi Kajang dlu tau. Jangan jalan depan tu, semue hutan je tu...
Everyone: Terima kasih encik!

And so we followed the instruction and went back home. On the way back, we received a phone call from the bunch of the other cars. McDonalds!! And so our session continued in McDonalds PKNS Bangi. After some chit-chating and food, everyone went back with perut yang kenyang.

Last but not least, Ling Fong missed the junction going back to UKM again. Her third time. So a journey that usually take 5 minutes turned to to be around 15 minutes. Hooray for Ling Fong. You are officially awarded with the Lousiest Sense of Direction Award~~~!!! (though the passengers should take the fault for not paying attention on the road also la... hehehe)

Thanks to her sense of direction that led us to the road block, it was my first time being stopped and checked by police during a road block. He must have thought that we are GRO from China with the tone "Patutlah pakai camni...". Plus, what is up with the searching of the car if he didn't suspect that we bring illegal stuff like drugs?? LOL!! Thinking back, it is indeed pretty hilarious. Conclusion made - Ling Fong deserves the award of "Best Driver with Lousy Sense of Direction Award". Still love you though... THANKS FOR THE RIDE =D

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