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Must-Have Food in KK (Part 2)

I am a good procrastinator and I am procrastinating my work now. Bad girl! Tsk tsk tsk. Anyway, here comes more pic of food to salivate you more :D

6. Roasted Duck Noodles :: Kedai Kopi Mui Hiong, Lintas ::
Ok. The location of this place is pretty hard to decribe but if you are really interested, go google it out. The shop is near the Wong Kwok (showroom) building if I am not mistaken. Well, I would have to say this is the best place to have roasted duck in whole KK area as I have tried many but none is ever as good as this. The skin is crispy with the juicy meat served with the noodles or rice. Rice is only available late in the morning towards lunch hour. Another bonus point for this coffee shop would have to be it's tasty soup that is served with your noodles/rice unlike most of the shops that serve salt+MSG(ajinomoto) or "ngo song seh lin tong" as how my brother would have called it in Chinese Hakka. Let me help you out a little with the translation: "ngo song" = monk;"seh" = wash; "tong" = soup. Go figure what is "lin" :P (Hint: Not a very decent word :P)

See the white meat with yellow outline? That is pork roll wrapped with egg (omelet) or "chun kien" as how the locals call it. Amazingly, only recently I found out that this is something you only find in Sabah. Yet, I have always thought that this is a common Chinese delicacies. My grandmother used to buy one roll of the this and slice them into pieces then serve with rice with a little soy sauce. My lunch is perfectly good with that alone ;) To hunt for this, you can find this in the same shop or in most wet market in KK such as Lido and Foh Sang. Some shops/stalls that sell chicken/charsau/roasted pork in KK sells this pork roll too!


7. Laksa :: Kedai Kopi Ye Fung, Gaya Street ::
My dad loves the laksa here for the sufficient coconut milk added to the laksa. Totally different from the Penang asam laksa, this one taste a little close to curry mee somehow but I can't really tell the difference. Similar to Sarawak laksa some said but I am proud of KK's Gaya Street laksa. Lol. It is not very spicy but you can add the sambal they give you for a richer taste. I tell you, it is so nice that a friend wanted to pack this back to KL :P You know who you are *wink* I would have pack this for you if it wasn't because of your flight that leaves early in the morning :P By the way, this coffee shop also sells beef noodle ("ngiu chap") that is yummy too! You can even ask for ngiu chap laksa as in the laksa with beef meat (or innards).

8. Pan Fried Dumplings :: Kedai Kopi Luyang, Foh Sang ::
This is a all-time favourite tea time snack for most KK-ians. Have it with your coffee or tea during tea break and this dumpling filled with juicy meat fried on the pan will sweep your feet off your ground. Heee.. exageration :) But this is really yummy lah! You can choose either to have it pan fried or boiled but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the PAN FRIED ones served with vinegar sauce with garlic. Ask for "wo tieh"  for the pan fried one or "sui gao" for the boiled one. I was told that this is a staple food eaten by the Shantung people (in KK I think and Shantung means up the hill or hilltop). I eat this every weekend on a Saturday during my growing up years. This explains the fat healthy me. Some stalls even sell this dumpling vegetable with egg filling inside. Usually priced at 50-60cents per piece, you can also find this sold at Towering (Penampang) and Dongongon (Penampang - between Dragon and Chin Fah Restaurant) at night.

9. ABC :: Bukit Padang, Bundusan::
Malaysian's favourite desert, this ais batu campur or better known as ABC is really really really really really famous in Bukit Padang here. The colourful ice with red beans, grassjelly (cincau), corn, jelly and cendol has been operating here for many many years. Now, they have more menu to choose from like jagung ais or cendol or even ais kacang tanpa kacang merah (Yes. I have friends who ordered this T____T) and many food stalls that sells char kueh teow, cha kuey, sotong kangkung and pisang goreng. However, the stalls only open in the evening around 4 something every day except Sunday. You know which is the most irony part? This Bukit Padang is a famous jogging track for the locals and these tempation awaits after you burn your fats on the track. Best thing to quench your thirst and chill you out  after running  and sweating like pig mad:) But then, how lah want to kurus if like that????? Heee...

If you are there, have some of the chakuey kahwin. Definitly worth a shot! More than a shot actually cause you will be asking for more :P Just like roti kahwin, the char kuey are spread with kaya (coconut jam) and butter then served together. Fragrant and delicious that they melt in your mouth. M.E.L.T. :D You can also get this in one of the corner coffee shop in Kepayan Ridge's Hock Seng Cafeteria. They sell a wide variety of food there. Good eating place!

10. Chicken Wings :: Donggongon ::
 You will find a lot of shops selling grilled chicken wings at night in this small township but I like those sold in the bus terminal best. My dad usually stop by to get at least 10 pieces of the chicken wings after our weekly groceries shopping. The chicken wings are perfectly marinated and perfectly grilled. These juicy mouth watering wings takes your breath away the moment you bite into them. Heee... Dip into the sauce that comes along with it, a little sourish salty with a hint of spiciness. Purrfect chicken served with purrrrrfect sauce. *drooling* I would say the size of the chicken wings is a tad too small though, not enough for me!!

Well, that is all for now. Hope you enjoyed the food. Of course there are other food in KK that you must try but I didn't have the chance to snap pictures yet. Lets save it for another time. Will write about a must visit seafood restaurant in Kota Kinabalu. Stay tune for more food! :) 

Have a blessed weekend! :)

Credits to Rubern n Step for some of the pics used above.

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