Thursday, July 1, 2010


It is the first day of July now and how I wish I could stop time, or at least slow it down a little. Frankly speaking, this holiday (as I am concerned) seems to be rather short. Shorter than those previous ones I guess. Time passes fast when you are happy. Vice versa. I had awesome loads of fun this break and I just can't seem to get enough of it :) :) One thing that I learned, family and friends are the best things you can have in your life. Nothing fancy, just having them around can make your life colourful doesn't matter where you are may it be deep in the jungle, or a serene beach, or just plainly at home. 

Now, the "short" break is coming to an end and it is time to face the reality again. I got accepted to do my master in the same uni, UKM. Yup, as reluctant as I am to get my arse back in there, I am still going back there. I will be a student again for another year and hopefully end up with a awesome job. At the mean time, I am at the state of mind where I somehow fear of whatever that is coming ahead. Some fear that I had before I enter uni when I was 18 years old. Right now, I have no idea if everything will just be the same like the days I did my degree. Will the days ahead be challenging? Or they will be filled with more and more and more fun  (and study stress that always comes along with it of course :P)? I don't know. One thing I know, I look forward to those days! Lets just pray for the best! :) :) 

I will have to deal with the registration again, just like last time. Short period notice yet so many things to be done! Headache headache headache!~~ Ggggrrrr~~ Anyway, will update bout my tourguiding experience when I am free ;) Come back and check out the awesome stuff bout KK. Till then, take care! :)

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