Saturday, July 24, 2010

Must-Have Food in KK (Part 1)

Before the arrival of my friends (Sarawakian and KLites) at the Land Below the Wind, I was having headache thinking where to bring these people in KK. I mean, I grow up in this beautiful city all my life but when everything seems to be ordinary since I practically see them all my life. Acceptable reason? :) Therefore, I just brought them to food and places I grow up with and here are the list of food you ought to try when you visit KK. Of course there are more yummy delicacies than these but here are a few among those that you MUST TRY! Some of these must-try food are my favourite food of course also... ahhh loves :) :) *drool* Do bear with me as I might be pretty bad with the food description as I am not familiar with the terms related to food. I only know how to use the word YUMMY and SEDAP >.<" Therefore, I will leave the description to the better ones (flogger - food blogger). Hint hint. You know who you are ;)

1. Beaufort Fried Noodles :: Kim Fah Restaurant (Plaza Grand Millenium, Penampang) ::
This homemade noodles originated from Beaufort which is a district in Sabah. The noodles is stir fried with vege and pork (sang nyuk and char sau). A really fragrant local dish that my dad and bro usually order two plates whenever they have this in the restaurant. This shop has another branch in Beverly Hills, Penampang with the same restaurant name.

2. Tom Yam :: Kedai Kopi Dat Seng (Inanam Bussiness Centre - buildings next to the Inanam bus terminal) ::
- This coffee shop not only serve their delicious tom yam but also fish head mee hon. Tom yam in KK has revolved from the original one where milk or coconut milk is added to the tom yam and this adds the fragrance to the dish. The sour and a lil spicy taste combination is just perfect :)

3. Tuaran Noodles :: My House ::
I still think that the best place to have tuaran noodles/mee in the whole KK will be my own house. My mum cooks the best tuaran mee in the world :) I have tasted this noodle in shops before but none beat mum's. Luckily I somehow inherited her skill in cooking the authentic dish. This homemade egg noodle originated from Tuaran (another district/township in Sabah) and the texture of the noodle is just different from the ordinary noodle. Served best when fried with egg, pork(char sau), and vege which can also be substituted with chicken and prawns, you can only find this noodle in Sabah :) Another local dish that you must try! I found some coffee shops that serves this dish online like here and here . Go give it a shot :)

4. Chu Chap :: Kedai Kopi Luyang (Foh Sang, Luyang) ::
- This dish is a mix of deep fried pork innards served with some sauce/gravy and chilli. My favourite would be the intestine (chu chong - in Chinese Hakka dialect) which is so crispy that you wouldn't have guessed it was actually intestines because the difference of texture from the original one. Even friends who don't take innards had some and they were okay with it ;D That coffee shops sells a lot of many other yummy dishes like Char Koay Teow, sate and etc hehe :)

5. Sang Nyuk Mien :: Kedai Kopi Jia Siang (Lintas Plaza, Penampang) ::
Translated from Hakka Chinese, the name of this dish means raw meat noodles. Of course the meat is not served raw and I have no idea how did it get it's name. The pork meat is white served with noodle in soup or you can have it dry where the noodles are mixed with soy sauce (kicap) alongside with another bowl of soup with your meat :) I used to have this dish in Sinsuran when I was younger but my dad decided that this shop in Lintas beats many other shops that sells the same thing. KK has decided the same thing too, I assume, since this shop is always full of customers. They open from early morning till 2 or 3 am in the morning. Now, that is almost equivalent to the mamak shops with the difference of healthier food! 

Had enough?? :) :) There are more!!!! But you will have to wait. I will have to stop here first before you salivate more :P Will continue some other time as I have something to do now. Till then, you stay tuned ok! 

Credits to Mr. R for some of his picture that I "stole" :P

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