Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kota Kinabalu P2

Heya!! Here's the other tour I had with the KL-iets :) :) The best part will have to be the food! Will write another post on that later. At the mean time.... taaadddaaaaaa!!

Me, the loyal driver waiting to pick my guest up at the Terminal 2 Airport

Met up with another friend was the mesmerizing view on the way sending him back caught everyone's attention. The picture doesn't much justice. 

Went to Sutera Harbour Resort for sunset view. I have to say that KK has amazing sunsets and I AM PROUD to be urang KK bah! CAAnnnTTEEEeekkk!!
Boyfriend? Ehem ehm.... no lar! My bro lah. I am still waiting for my prince charming to sweep me off my feet *puppy eyes* :D

 Pulau Manukan the very next day. The weather was perfect! Though it was raining season back then, the sky was clear that day! *grin*

Tip of Borneo (Simpang Mengayau, Kudat). Many many thanks to Daddy for driving!! Sayang you daddyyy :P (though you might not read this lah)

Monsopiad Cultural Village which also known as the Headhunters Village.

Rice making on the way - the traditional method. This traditional grinding machine is not easy ok! Damn heavy!!

BUTOD (Sago Worm) - free gift in Monsopiad Village :P I dare you to try this! :D FRESH and ALIVE :D :D :P

Ever classic Gaya Street a.k.a Sunday Market

In Gaya Street, dad bought a pack of the butod for the west malaysians to try :) It was my first time trying it too (shame on me for being a Sabahan for 21 years! :P~)! When it was alive, it looks like this. 

After fried in the wok, it looks like this... with a little innovation of course ;D BUTOD SANDWICH!! 

Process of the butod eating was recorded but it will be meant for personal view only :) You have no idea how it takes for me and Steph to be convinced to stuff that raw wriggly thing into our mouths. I'll have to say it is definitely a hell of an experience. You should go try it!! Not something to be missed out when you visit the land below the wind :) 

I officially declare myself as a CERTIFIED (not) tour guide now. A guide without a license of course :D

P/s: Credits to Steph and Rubern for some of the pictures used above. 

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