Friday, July 9, 2010

Kota Kinabalu P1

Heya peeps! Here's a post bout my tourguiding experience last month. So.... this is tourguiding number 1.

Guest Name: Bridget Lee
Guide: Brenda Chong
Date: 28 May - 07 June 2010
No of Stay: 11 days
Accomodation: Kibabaig Inn, Penampang (Owner: Chong's Corporation)

And here are the pixies!

Food hunting! :) Lintas "Sang Nyuk Mien" *Slrrp*

Lok Kawi Zoo Wildlife Park. My first visit here (I think!)!! :P

The elephants inside the park were scattered around their "home". See the baby elephants in the pic?

Now you don't see the baby elephants anymore. Reason? A lizard passed in front of the elephants and those gigantic creatures spontaneously surrounded their babies to protect em. Awww... darn adorable ok! ;)

Orang utan!! I never got this close to any orang utengz :) Happy happy happy!! That fella dang cute okie. Manja betul!! :) :)

A view from centre of the city. Next to the main market in town, near Hyatt Regency. Therefore, I don't know what to name this place. Hohohoh~~

City view at the back :)

The two B's. The guest and the guide :P

Model kecundang Wannabe :P @ Sabah Museum
One of the rumah contoh in the museum :)

Tourist's must-take shot :P

Had satay feast in one of the nights in conjunction with cousin Philip's birthday

Didn't get to join the Pesta Kaamatan (Harvest Festival Celebration) because of the rain everyday T_____T We were even stuck at home for one day cuz my house was flooded. Grrrr.... Oh well, all the more reason to come back next time! :) :) *wink*

P/s: Miss Bridget, do come back KK same time of the year again next time! Hopefully, it won't rain like mad again like the other day. 

Coming right up, butods in da house~~!!! Stay tune :)

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