Thursday, November 11, 2010

Coffee High

After hours and hours of doing this..... *pointing to the picture below*
P/s: This is just few one the whole stack of exercises done -.-

 I became like this! *cuba buat buat muka frust tapi tidak menjadi*

Then I had to take many sachets of this... (to keep myself from salivating on my book)

Then I became like this...

Muka high on caffeine that I was super hyperactive that I start kacau-ing everyone. The hyperactive effect worn off hours later and I am feeling nauseous now.
That's it. Enough coffee for this semester.

As of now, I am left with one paper and I will be flying back home. But but.... mostly friends either finished or finishing their exam tomorrow. Very the no mood to study la! *SIGH* It sucks to be starting your exams way ahead of others and finish later than them.



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