Monday, November 22, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Greetings from the land with lotsa love, the land below the wind! :) 
Yes lovelies, I am back at home now after week of torturous exams. It has been a week now since I landed in this home of mine and everything has been great. Aside from the glorious long list of good food that I have been having, the best part of being home would be spending time with the love ones again. Oh how much I miss these people! =) I gotta admit, I am a daddy's girl and a mummy's girl too! Say anything you like but I am proud of it! Weeeee~~~ 

And so, here are just some random shots throughout the whole week.

#1 I never fail to fall in love with what I see from the airplane window :)

#2 The old place that holds those years and years of childhood memories. One of those window you are seeing used to be my room :)

#3 Went back to the original hair colour and I am loving it =)

#4 The reason I don't take prawns when I am not back home *wink*
Tom Yam with GIGANTIC tiger prawns, mind you!! *evil grin*

#5 I am sorry but I reallyyyy wanna make you salivate :P
Would you just compare the size of that piece of thing with my spoon?
Now this is the reason why I LOVE HOME *BIG SMILE*

#6 Midin/Bidin (not sure which is the correct name) cooked with dried shrimp and belacan (shrimp paste). Reminds me of someone that I miss dearly. Her favourite.

#7 A mixture of pork, fungal, glass vermicelli and the-vege-tied-into-a-knot which I do not know the name in English or Malay cooked in fermented beancurd and soy sauce. Dad says mum cooks this Chinese Hakka cuisine the best and I would have to agree. Guess what, I inherited mum's expertise and I nailed this dish! :D :D Yes, I prepared this one :)

#8 A belated birthday gift. Thank you very muchie youu :)

There goes one week of my blissfulness. Tomorrow will be the start of another week. Hope you guys had a good week too! =)

Signing off!

From yours truly.


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