Monday, April 18, 2011

One Year

Like it or not, the time never stops for you isn't it? Whether you are having a good time or bad time, the clock ticks the same way, same speed every second. At this moment, I feel that the clock that has been ticking for the past one year went tik tok-ing a little faster than it usually it. A few miliseconds perhaps? :)

Back track a year ago, many things happened and they shall all remain as a part of life journey. Let bygones remain as bygones. However, the journey throughout this one whole year has been simply a little too fast too furious. They say time passes faster when you are happy ey? Does this signify I had a great good time of a year? :) Well, life isn't life unless it is combined with a little sugar and lemon with a sprinkle of magic dust. I was not on top of the coaster ride throughout but I have to say I have been blessed with many good things during this period. Way way better than how I expected life.

The journey as a student is coming to an end in approximately two weeks time. I have one final paper for my final semester here and presentation for my research project would be around the same time I reckon. One journey is coming to an end and another more challenging journey awaits. I would sum up my master student's life some other time. At the mean time, let's just look at some kodak moments captured lately.

 #1 A semi failed attempt in a self shot during a late lunch after the first exam paper.

#2 The love for salmon never fade away. 

#3 Sushi Bonanza 2011 with Leon, Fion and Jac @ Alamanda, Putrajaya. Food was awesome but salmon were served a tad too late which was after I was bloated with other stuff only then they were served.

#4 Spotted macaroons for sale and I finally get to taste this thing. Hee~ One was given for free by the abang over the counter ;) Buy 3 free 1! :D :D Not cheap okeh! RM3.90 per piece.

#5 The bestie! :) I love this photo. Looking good, looking great! 

#6 My first time having nasi kerabu and this one was ossum possum! Definitely worth the price. The restaurant (Serai @ Subang Empire) serves plentiful NAISE FOOD!!! I am not exagerating :P

#7 Me and the bestie, Allison @ Starbucks. And the piece of cake in front of us, it is heaven. It is the YOUHAVETOTRYITYOURSELF-pavlova. Sedapmaugilapunyasedap. I would want that for my birthday cake, pretty pretty please?

#8 Woke up at 7.30am and travelled a 2 hours KTM ride to get my hands on the famous Klang bahkuteh. Thumbs up! :D :D I love it to bits! :D Ahhhh... definitely worth the travel!

#9 The current and ex coursemates after a meal together! :) Left to right, Alvin>>Li Mei>> Pei Ying

#10 The sedaps famous Klang cendol. Creamy and fragrant! :)


#12 *heart melts*

#13 Me and Alvin, the big boss. 

#14 Alvin and Pei Ying

I AM VERY THE HAPPY that I finally get to step into the beautiful litted place. Those beautiful lights simply make me happpppyyysssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!! Ahhh... words don't do justice to my happiness but gila cantek la!! Grrrr...Geram!!

Well, that's all for now! :) okthanksbye! :) 
Stay tune for more updates. Sorry for the recent negligence though. I know you love me still! :)

Yours truly,

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