Sunday, April 24, 2011

Final of the Finals

I am in the middle of my exam week now and I am down with one more paper. That would be the final paper in any final examinations I would ever have. Weeeee. Even with this final paper, I am giving my minimal effort with minimal preparation. Haha! I guess I am really sick of studying already at the moment. I know mostly friends who are would give in anything to be back in university years being thrown with assignments and presentations and projects and the list goes on. I know I would be in that situation when I start working but at the moment, I still do not enjoy cramming up my brain for a paper that would destine my grades and performance on that subject. I am a kind of a person who likes continous assesment which I personally think it is a better way of grading students. Oh well! :)

And so, even if I were to take up pHD someday in the future (which I highly doubt now), I would not be having anymore exam papers unless I decided to take up any external papers for any license or whatever so of course. But oh well, this would be the last exam paper in my university years and I can't wait to get through with it. STQA6034 - Risk Management and Insurance, come to me baby! And soon, I will be bidding farewell to UKM ^_* With the minimal effort I am putting in, I am hoping the paper would not give me a hard time still though (melampau-lampau betul my request). Haha!

Random much? Hehe. It's Easter Sunday today by the way. Happy Easter to Christian my friends and family (and readers who are beyond those mentioned categories if there is any? haha!). Off to church soon. Alleluia for the Lord has risen :) Till the next update, take care there! 

Yours truly,

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