Monday, February 22, 2010

One Random Afternoon

One random afternoon during the CNY holiday, I met up with a friend at 1Borneo after spending the morning in the cement plant where my dad works (for my Final Year Project purpose @_@). We were suppose to be watching movie but I was not feeling well that afternoon. Therefore, decision were made - lunch and proceed back home. It was an impulse plan to stop by the beach for a while (to get the junkieess WOOHHOOOO!!) when we were on the way back home. We ended staying for quite some time. Purpose? Camwhore. More pics available in my facebook :)

Did I mention the price of this camwhoring session was a parking ticket from DBKK (Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu)? Nonetheless, it was a great day out. And yes, I heart my home cuz I heart beach. Oh, though Tanjung Aru Beach kotor is less beautiful than before, I still ♥ thee.


  1. yeaaaahhhh....... thats my girl i mean thats my friend rite there woohooo hehehe thanks brenda! ill try to giv u my account num whn im free owkay? nice description of what went down... although no second asam laksa or the 'pain'... :p

  2. ugh... reading ur blog makes me wanna do one... huhuhu... bestnyer online diary...

  3. [mc] go and do one then. i thought u have one?

  4. for me to sell my old clothes LOL! saya malas type n summore internet connection not always possible ere... dunno weh... hohoho... wanna start fresh! :)



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