Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Ola peepz! Been quiet some time ey? :)

I was out in the nature for some time after my visit Malacca to visit a friend who teaches in the rural area of Sarawak, Belaga. I mentioned that in my previous post bout Tepin. To get there, the journey involved approximately two hours flight from Kuala Lumpur to Bintulu and another FOUR HOURS of four wheel drive adventure. If I were to include those hours before boarding to plane (after check in), it takes almost a whole daylight to travel. *sigh* Not that I am complaining of course, it was just an eye opener to feel what Bridget has to go through to get out of the small town every time she gets out. I feel your pain now :P

My ride with two locals in the pic :D

It's a small town with not-so-many people where new people or strangers can be identified immediately the moment you are in town area. How did I know? I had quite a lot of stares from people around that says who-is-this-girl when I was doing groceries shopping in town. Heeee, they are harmless though. Just a big bunch of curious people. This small town is really close to nature and I am loving that place. The air is still cold at 8am in the morning with mist around. Feels like I am Kundasang or Genting Highlands pula. I found lotsa things that I used to see/get (mainly food) during my childhood days in those groceries shops. Didnt't get to snap any pics though... whopssie! If you are late 80's babies like me, then you know la (I think!) like those wafers, candies, and chocolates. 

My view during one morning walk. The hill is just across the river.

Those misty hills is a common sight for people here. This is the view outside Bridget's room.

Rainbow spotted during one evening after the rain.
Camwhorers. Awww.. how I just love those self timer!

 I was a kid again when I engaged myself in one of the playhouse when I visited the primary school there.

Became a temporary teacher helping Miss Lee with the exam papers

Met a bunch of new people there :) No, there is no KFC in Belaga. This pic is taken in Bintulu.

In there, I was the panda and Bridget became the zookeeper. Name was given by the guy sitting behind of me in the pic above (black shirt guy). When I was in Kuching, Bridget's brother called me porcupine (because of my super layered hair that time). I seem to get names everywhere I go. So what's next? :) Hehee... After Belaga, Bridget came back to KK with me and I was the tour guide again once more.

It's rainy season in KK here and it rains every afternoon. My house being where my house is located, it was flooded. House was not flooded but the road outside my house was flooded. In short, I was trapped inside the house desperately waiting for the water to subside.

Desperado T______T
It has been a been a week since Bridget went back and I am currently enjoying home sweet home to the fullest. My my, nothing taste better than home :)


  1. Come again to Belaga, panda!
    n come to kuching again, porcupine. very much welcome :-) n yes, it was fun, the everything.

  2. now that i have invitation again, I WOULD LOVE TO!!! weeee...!!!

  3. hahahhahaa...enjoy enjoy ur life till the fullest!!:)



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