Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Clinique Star Tour 2010

Some time ago back in mid July, three girls (Myself, Steph and Mei San) decided to go for something out of our daily norm - trying out for the CLEO Cover Girl Search organized by CLEO itself in partnership with Clinique. I personally didn't expect myself to be on the cover page but I was going after the free door gift that Clinique was giving away and personal potrait shot that I have always wanted. Vain, I know :P Since paying RM30 entitles me a close up shot and free gifts, apaaaaaa laggiiiii!! Weeeeeheeee.....

Filling up the forms
We three girls berjaya tarik Carol to join the fun too!! :)

 Carol waiting for her turn

Us girls waiting for our the make up artist from Clinique after getting our faces cleaned

Mei San having her face cleaned :)

Steph getting her makeup done

Me getting my hair done.

And the following pictures random shots of the day after the make over.

 The organizers are now picking the top three winners for the cover page out of the many many many girls who took part in search nationwide. Steph made it to the top 25 and I AM PROUD OF YOU!!! :D Told ya your picture was amazingly gorgeous :) :) :) I didn't like my picture though. Sob Sob. Oh well, it was still one great experience to be participating though... Heeeee :D

The sweet beautiful girl that might just be the next CLEO cover girl :)

Check out the official website here for more details. Results will be out soon: 27th August 2010. The organizer is giving away laptop for whoever who guesses the winner of the contest right. So, head right over there and go pick your winners already. You might just walk away with a brand new lappy! :) And again, CONGRATS Steph!! You totally deserve it :)

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