Thursday, September 30, 2010

When September Ends

September month seems to be passing by a little too fast I feel. Yesterday seems like the beginning of the month and it is the end of the month already today. It feels THAT short! Perhaps the reason behind this feeling came from those continuous exams and assignments. I had my two weeks worth of holiday break due to raya celebration but datelines all due right after the holiday. All lined up, one after another. That calls for work during holiday -.- Nope, the line has not ended. Still have exam and assignment and presentation waiting. RaaawwrrRR. As they said, student's life will always be the best. So, let me "ENJOY" the excitement and fun (NOT) while at it. Nuff said. Here are just some shots throughout the whole month. A bit here and there :)

 Current addiction :: Green Tea :: Slrrrpp!! Yes, they are all mine. I had more :P  I almost sapu all the stocks in Giant supermarket

Went of to Merlion City for a few days with Bridget :) You should have been there with us, Steph :(

 Chinatown is a great place to stay! Dang convenient!

 One random shots of a Hindu temple in Chinatown

 Inside one of the Chinese temple in Chinatown
 ** More pics of Singapore are available in Facebook :) **

Just one random evening in Kajang

The 95 percent empty residency blocks due to two weeks Raya Holiday

Buka puasa di bilik dengan juadah dari bazaar Ramadhan Bangi ;)

 The big head mischievous girl :P

 The loyal transporter throughout the weeks without buses in the campus! Thank you very much to the owner Nad :) for lending this to the rider, Bridget. Nope, I don't have license to bring a bike cuz I can't even ride bicycle.*Covering face in embarrassment*

 Those pretty lanterns for celebrating Mooncake/Lantern/Mid Autumn Festival - whichever name you call it by! :P I miss those kiddy days where we cousins gather and main tanglung together :)

 Camwhoring while waiting for food to arrive

 Evidence of me having some food that you might not wanna try. Scroll down to find out what is it :)


And the rest of the pic... FOOD! :D
 Prawn Noodle - Old Town Cafe 

Curry Noodle - Old Town Cafe

 Maggi Goreng - Al Faris Mamak, Bangi *Classic Favourite!!!*

Malak Mee - Seven Wonders, Kajang

  Fermented Beancurd aka TAUHU BUSUK from Connaught Night Market in Cheras :P The queue for this thing is always so long that we didn't to find out what so many of them wanted so badly. It was not as bad as it smells but I think once is enough for me :P I was a stinky skunk after eating this piece of thing. Worth trying :)
Signature dish of the forgotten restaurant in Times Square

Prawn salad from the forgotten restaurant's name. Soli soli geng!

Ramen - Japin, Sungai Wang Plaza

 Just one personal favourite shot of the drinks from Seven Wonders :P Lemon tea and soy bean milk!

FFFUUHHH!! At last one with one post. There goes. Time to get back to my notes. Simulation exam is up next! Sounds cool and interesting but I really don't know how am I suppose to be studying for this subject. Been facebook-ing during class cuz lecture was so boring that no one understood was lecturer was doing or talking bout in front. Salah siapa lah now? Booohhooo.. I am seeing all fingers pointing back at Brenda. Enough crap. Stay tune for more updates :) Take care all you sayangs out there :) XOXO


  1. love the adventure we both have. let us have more!! :-D

  2. lets go somewhere else!! :D wheeeeeee~~



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