Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

I hope I am not too late to wish you all Happy New Year 2011! ;)

I know I am slightly overdue for the wishes but it is the thought the counts right? I am back in uni for my final semester of my master degree study. I just came back from my first class of the year/semester. Class started way back last week when I was still enjoying my sweet chamber back home. I know I have abandoned this blog ever since I am back home but can you blame me? It's not that I don't love you guys to update regularly though :P Here are some one the snapshots of my whole stay back at home.

 #1 Baked traditional chocolate cake which turned out to be pretty good though we were all doubtful initially :D

 #2 Had a Pre Christmas celebration with them cousins ;)Much love!!

#3 Spent some time with them besties frenzies

#4 One of the festives I love the most! Nothing beats the feeling of having your whole family gathered round the Christmas tree. Yes, I got a BIG family! Even this is not a complete one! And I am proud of this! :D

 #5 The ten minutes away from home beach which I will never get sick of <3

#6 A romantic scene I spotted when I was at the beach chugging down those jeruk down my throat (and ended with gastric pain!). Aawwww... I want someone to do this for me too!! >.<" 

#7 It is no surprise that I gained weight when I am back home. Whoever can resist those YUMMY DELICIOUS food made with love? This lasagna made by bro upon my request taste as good as it looks! :D

#8 It was an awesome trip back home. I was on a flight with TV in the plane!!! Woot woot!! :D Sure kept me entertained throughout the flight! Glee!!! :D Woohooo!!!! I wouldn't dread flying so much if all my flights have this service without me paying a bomb for it! :D

I wish I had more time to do more things back home. Like meeting up with old friends from high school perhaps? Hopefully they will be around when I go back for Chinese New Year later. Ggggaaaa..... 
I was not very fond of year 2010, I admit.  It was a very rough year with  many ups and downs. A little too much drama for me to handle over a year period. Big mess I tell you. It is all good now. I learned my lesson. Mourning period passed and I shall continue to walk forward for a better future ahead. For better or worse, some things have changed whether they happened over time or abruptly. I am truly glad for all the bitter sweet experiences I had throughout this one year. These blessings in disguise taught me many life lesson that I would have never picked up from any books. But mind you, things were not all bad. Happy moments took their places too ok!

Therefore, bye bye 2010! Hello to you 2011!
As for this brand new year of 2011, please be kind to me. 

Happy New Year everyone. Wishing all of you a another good year ahead! Cheers!

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