Monday, February 28, 2011

Bye bye February

It seems like it is only yesterday that I came back to uni to resume my study. It seems only yesterday that I was back home with my family for Chinese New Year celebration. Like it or not, I have to bid farewell to February while March is playing peek-a-boo with me now. My my, how time flies. Two months of the new year is gone without me realizing it.

Many things happened since the last time I wrote. Lets just be grateful for the good things that has happened. After all, good or bad stuff, they all happen for reasons that I know I might not be able to foresee now. Yes, trying to be optimistic here *getting rid of those negative vibe*.

#1 Went back home for Chinese New Year (CNY) there is no other place better than home. Bonus part would be the aunties and uncles and cousins all gathered round for this auspicious celebration.

#2 Cousin came over from KK and I had the most awesome time with her during those days of spending time together. Reminds me how much we used to do every little or big silly things together. She is definitely the sister that I never get to have. Love you soooooo much!! :')

#3 The comfortable stay :)

#5 Had enough japanese food to last me for...... Nah, I take that back. Don't think I will get sick of em' ;)

#6 Met up with another cousin coming all the way from KK! Very much thanks to the cheap air tickets nowadays I think? Orange or red or blue, thank you the very much for bringing us all closer together! :) South China Sea doesn't seem to be such a big barrier anymore thanks to you guys! :P

#7 Have I mentioned that I love green tea ice cream so much? :) Didn't get to take picture of the best one around I've taste which comes from Renaissance Hotel (Temptation Cafe, I think?) :(

#8 Attended CSSUKM annual dinner for this year with the theme "Fever Night". Yes, I love my dress too, many thanks to Allison for lending it to me!! <3

Aside from those above, I am just busy working on my thesis. Not progressing well. I could say that one third of it is done but I am not proud of that. Hmph! Praying hard I can finish it soon despite the many procrastination! Oh, I am also down with flu and blocked nose! Annoying much? Sigh.

To end this post, BYE BYE FEBRUARY! See you next year! Oh, Mr March, please be kind to me? Pretty pretty please?

Till then, keep coming back here! :)

Big tight from yours truly.



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