Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May May Be Good

Hello peeps.

How are you fella doing there? April left and here comes May. As for the the Sabahans, it would be whole month of celebration of the upcoming Harvest Festival at the end of the month. Oh yes, one whole month of drinking celebration. I am yet to be back in my chamber. Currently residing in a friend's home thanks to her and her family's kindness. Or else, I would have to merempat at some kaki lima along the dirty streets of Kajang or claim ownership of the tv room in my block. Thank you very much much for the kindness and may the good Lord shower bless you and your family abundantly. You know who you are :)

I have nothing new or interesting in my life minus the fact that I finished my last examination paper in my whole university years. Not feeling melancholy bout it, yet. I still have my research project presentation this coming Thursday and that would really be the time to put the curtain down on the stage. Before heading back home, I will be doing a pit stop at Singapore to join my parents who are visiting my little brother there. Meeting up the cousins and auntie and uncle from Aussie too! :) Blood is always thicker than water. I am grateful for my family, not only my nucleus family but the entire family. Ah, let me not get carried away.

And so, wish me luck for my presentation. If you have been following me, you should remember that I was assigned to a very strict lecturer as the examiner for my paper. I need all the luck I can get. Fold me cranes and fill my room with em'. Imaginary paper fold cranes also can. 

So here comes May. Please be kind. I am going back somewhere mid of this month and I am looking forward to be at home. Would love to stay at home longer than I usually do before I venture out to the working world again. So, I seek for a whole good month of May and the many coming months. Hold on, did I not ask for that every month? Haha!

Stay tuned. Lots of love from yours truly.

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