Sunday, June 21, 2009

Island o Island

I always knew Sabah has beautiful islands.

When I first entered UKM 2 years back, the beautiful nature of this home of mine is the thing that I described most when people ask me about Sabah. These places of wondrous beauty made me proud to be a Sabahan. Doing so much promotion to my friends in campus, I wanted to go to these places myself as well. Minus Mount Kinabalu, I went to most of the places I mentioned to them but those were long long donkey years ago. I decided I should pay visits to these places sooner or later. However, it is always the thoughts that comes with no action. Procrastination is my number one friend. When I finally decided to do something about these thoughts, there will be always some things that come in the way. Among them, strong wind and rainy season - definately not a very good time to go on any boat.

Now, I can finally cancel one item in my things-to-do list namely going to the island. I really didn't care which island to go cuz I believe they are similarly beautiful. Of course, the most convenient ones would be the islands in Tunku Abdul Rahman Park consist of Manukan Island, Mamutik Island, Sapi Island, Sulug Island and Gaya Island.

So three days ago...

Off I went to the island with Allison, Dayang and Syawqi. Oh yes, four of us went =) We met up in Jesselton Point (jetty) around 10.30am and bought our tickets -RM20 includes return trips for two island Manukan Island and Mamutik Island

The view from Jesselton Point

The 3 muskateers

Dayang was so thirsty that she wanted to finish the whole bottle of water

She asked more for water from me after she finished hers and I refused. That's why she had sad look.

Dayang was thirsty that she finished whole bottle of water whereas Allison was so hungry she started eating straw.

In the boat ready to take off to the island =)

The jetty in Manukan Island

Me and Allison went parasailing. My first time doing this!!! The view from up above is amazingly splendid!! It is nothing like what I had in mind (I thought it will be fast like roller coaster). In fact, it was exactly the opposite. Minus the part where we both we practically "thrown" into the water tasting the salty seawater, it's totally slow and easy where you can enjoy the same view as fellow birdies see. But don't worry, you actually have the option whether to be dipped into the sea or not. Me and Allison wanted to do the the adventurous way.... and surely we ENJOYED the adventure =D

I wanted to try the other water sports like snorkelling, flyfish etc but I was short in cash. Same goes with the rest of us. I totally forgot bout spending money for water sports cuz all I have in my mind earlier of the day was just to relax in the island. It's alright. Will be back for more =P So with not-so-much cash in hand, there are still things you can do in the island - picking up seaweed, jump in the beach, play with the crystal clear water, relax while tanning your body and most importantly take photos.

We left the island at 4.30pm with sunburn, sandflies bite and stickiness.
















But heck! We had fun and laughter spending time with each other along with the breathtaking scenery!!! And most importantly, we had good photos~~!! Credits to our photographer Mr Syawqi (yup yup, all the photos I used were taken by him and belongs to him of course =) that is why there is watermark in every photo). Looking forward to the next island trip. YAHOO!!

At the end of the day, I was fully satisfied with the whole island experience. Not a tiny inch of disappointment from what I expected. I shall visit the island more often since me and Al came to a realization that the islands are so freagggin near and we took it for granted all the while.

By the way, Sipadan Island in Tawau of Sabah has been nominated as the official New 7 Wonders of Nature. You can now vote online with your email address and the last date to vote is 7th July 2009. If you have more than one email address, you can vote more than once. So my dearest friends, click here to vote.

If you are clueless about Sipadan Island, you can click here for some information. However, I reckon you go google and have a look at more available information and breathtaking photo. Try here for some photos I found online.

If you think that the photos from Manukan Island and Mamutik Island is fantastic, I am sure Sipadan Island which is already known as a world's diving spot definately would not disappoint you. After all we as Malaysians especially Sabahans, won't you be proud to be staying in a country with an island that is recognized by the world? How cool can that be?!

Go vote NOW!~~!! Don't forget to spread the news and tell your friends about it, ok?

Yes yes yesh!! Support Sipadan! Vote for Sipadan =D

P/S: It's Daddy's Day.

Wishing all fellow daddy-ies Happy Father's Day including my Daddy!! Remember to give your daddy a HUGE kiss~~


  1. gal, nice one!!!I like this post!!

    Ohyea, the pareo is bought in KL kan?=P

  2. =D hehe heepii!!

    the pareo is not from KL, i bought it in pangkor last time. the one i bought in kl is left in ukm, din bring back~~~

  3. what did u wow leh? d pulau herE? nice leh nice leh kan?

    so when r u guys coming over?? =D

  4. i mark your words and somebody punya words also *cough*gnet*cough* and of course d rest r welcome also hehee



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