Saturday, June 20, 2009


babygirl is the nick I once used as my nickname for chatting - mIRC, ICQ, MSN

Figured that I should no longer use that nick since I no longer have the mighty number 1 in front of my age anymore. I am officially old hehe~~

So, why "brench"?

Someone asked me before if it's my boyfriend's name. I am not trying to offend anyone here but I have not seen or met anyone with that name yet =) And here is the answer, nope... "brench" is not my boyfriend's name.

Like everyone else, I have different nickname called by different ppl.

Brandy- started by DD during school days

Brenda C - since we had 3 "Brenda's" with the sequence of B, C and D for our surname, we were pretty much identified being called Brenda B, Brenda C, and Brenda D.

Bren - regular short form for my name

Da - another short form used by my cousins

Ayam Brand - forgot who started this but this was way back that I don't remember when exactly it happened and I believe people who has the same name with me who lives in Malaysia pretty much have similar experience with me, right right? Siapalah yang tidak pernah dengar pasal Ayam Brand, kan?

Brench - Countable people actually call me by this name since I started to use this nick online.

So again, why "brench"?
It might be pretty obvious for some of you who already know me. Some might have figured it out either by yourself or I might have told you myself. For those who doesn't know yet, it's for me to know and for you to find out =D

Last but not least, this is my first entry and I hope there will be more to come hehehe~~ I have always thought that I suck in writting. Well, I am giving it a shot with the hope that I can keep this going =P

<^(o-o)^> Ciaoz~!


  1. hey hey I FOUND YOU
    not bad for the first one
    and that <^(o-o)^>
    i LOIKE! haha

  2. Jia you!!!Yea, I KNOW why BRENCH!!
    nice post though...=)

  3. hehe tqtq =D
    [joyce] ssshhh.. diam diam ok.. dont bocor my rahsia pulakkzz

  4. why brench? how come i dunno? <(-(o.o)-)>
    btw...INFRINGEMENT!! :-p

  5. oh..n do keep writing. u r good. :-)

  6. tq tq makcik =P and y brench ah? how i know y u duno lehh?? lol~~~ its for me to know n for u to find out ah



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