Friday, April 23, 2010


I just finished my last examination paper for my degree years and I am having my final year project presentation coming right up two days from now.

Will be only leaving West Malaysia only on the 14th May and I am thinking what should I do for such a long period? I need a getaway, a break from everything. Was thinking of Penang? Or Singapore again? Or if I naik gila... I might just end up in Australia? Lol. Kalau la duit itu banyak, tidak payah fikir banyak kan? Heeeee...


  1. uiks....rilek ja ko utk viva tu...all the best ya! anyway, gonna miss u lh, brenda...n klu sy kerja di KK nnt, sa cari ko...suruh ko bwa sa jln2 sana...=)

  2. [hailey] gonna miss you too!!!! *hugs* boleh ja. cari ja sya. kalo terhilang hp no tu, ada ja sya d facebook okie? all the best to yourself too!!

  3. Bren, jgn lupe MALACCA eh!!:D



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