Friday, April 16, 2010

Last Class

Hi peeps. How are you doing there? Exams killed you yet? Or those assignments killing you? Or are you in cloud nine enjoying your life? :) It is exam week for me here. Having my first paper next Tuesday. An rather easy peasy paper la that one >.< (Ssssshhhh!!) - Foundation of Chinese Language. Yup yup, I took that subject this semester. I had many asking me why am I taking that subject when I can speak already. To answer that ques, one would be the reason of learning to read and write chinese characters. Oh yes, I buta huruf cina punya okeh! Another reason was to fill up my rather empty timetable of this semester and to pull my pointer up. Maklumlah, cukup-cukup makan only my CGPA. Sob sob :( My last examination paper to sum up my degree years would be my major paper on the 23rd May later. Having my final year project presentation few days later and I am then a free bird. At the moment, let me not fly too high first okie. Berpijak pada bumi nyata dahulu.

Here's a series a pics taken during my supposed-to-be-last-class which was cancelled by the lecturer last minute and hence the official last class. Camwhorerssss~! :P

22nd March 2010
24th March 2010
Some things ended. Some things are yet to end. And there are some things that will never end. Can you name what is/are the never ending "thing/s"? :) Love ALL you people... and I am not referring to my coursemates only. I said ALL OF YOU *screaming*;)

All the best to those have not finished your exams yet. Good luck! (",)


  1. hehehe....jeles oh sy tgk ko bergambar2 utk last class nie....;p

  2. [Hailey] jgn jealous bah. masih lagi ko ada d cni. p lah cari coursemate bergambar tu :D



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