Sunday, October 10, 2010

Raffles' Food

I was just browsing through the pictures taken during the trip in Singapore last December. Felt a sudden urge to post some pics of the food I had there. Looking at them makes me hungry now!!!@#$%^&* Anyhow, here are some of the favourites. EnjoY! :)

#1  Cantonese Seafood Crispy Noodle
Nothing extraordinary than the one we have in Malaysia here except that this has always been one of my all time favourite dish! :P 

#2  Deep Fried Pork Intestine
I know some of you out there is not a big fan of innards due to the texture or smell or any others but this one is so crispy and fragrant that you wouldnt even know it was intestine! ;)

#3 Chicken Porridge
The crispy deep fried intestine was best served with porridge which was apparently really famous in the shop we were eating.  

#4   The shop in Chinatown where we had all the food above.
 Frog porridge seems to be the popular menu there as almost every table seems to be having it. It was said that frog taste like chicken. Teehee.. I had chicken porridge, nothing funky! :P

#5  Nyonya Laksa in Raffles' City Mall, Orchard Road

 #6  Another nyonya laksa from People's Park, Chinatown.
The soup is just so rich and wangi that I wouldn't mind having another bowl. Heee. Plus the meehoon is different from the one we have in Malaysia here.

#7  MOS Yakiniku Burger
A fast food franchise that I have not seen in Malaysia yet. Not in KL at least (or I might be out of date?) Instead of using bun, they used rich to sandwich those fillings. The taste was something interesting I would say but somehow it felt like eating dumpling. LOL.

#8  Hokkien Prawn Noodle in one of the mall's food court
My personal favourite dish in Singapore. Slrp! 

#9  Another round of Hokkien Prawn Noodle in Vivo City Shopping Mall.
Take the train to Harbour Front station and you will arrive in the mall that has the food court that serves the best hokkien prawn noodle I have tasted in Singapore. This stall won many awards la from what I saw of the newspaper cutting pasted all over the stall. 

#10  Fried Carrot Cake
Another yummy asian food that you can find in Malaysia here. I recommend the one with soy sauce better though. If you kena tanya whether you want them black or white, ask for black. KICAP! ;)

 #11  Fishhead Noodle Soup
The one stall that was filled with people queing up like mad served this one delicious meehoon soup that was truly satisfying. The soup was different from what they have in KK yet still earn a thumbs up from me. Location? I forgot! Sorry heeee... visited too many malls >.<"

#12  Bread and cereal
Again, nothing extraordinary. Heeee.. my breakfast every morning before heading out jalan-jalan. Peanut butter jeally toast and cereal was yummy too! Something light before hentaming the makanan yang gila banyak sedap out there.

I would like to conclude that most of the food in Singapore can be found back here in Malaysia. Asian food rocks!! Wooohooo!!~~ But I like the fact that food court in all the shopping malls I went to in Singapore serves more variety of food compared to what I see back in here. But more food equals to sakit kepala to decide on the food lah. Oh well, again I would like to say... ASIAN FOOD ROCKS! Don't you agree? :) *wink*
I am looking foward for next week. My favourite week is finally here. Come back to check out what am I talking bout if you don't already know. Heee..

On the side note, a BIG HEARTFUL CONGRATULATIONS to friends graduating this month. Enjoy your big day! Many many hugs and kisses ;)

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