Friday, March 11, 2011

When life take you by SURPRISE

I have to say, today is not one good day. It was not a bad day for me but the whole day just seem so gruesome, generally. It rained the whole day. Drizzles changed to heavy downpour and it drizzles again. Wet wet day indeed. Not that I am complaining bout the weather but it does feel pretty gloomy. The day didn't get any better with the news of an acquaintance who passed away this morning. Definitely a shocking news.

News about the earthquake that hits Japan in the early of the day started to flood the newsfeed all across the globe. Buildings, boats, cars and many others got swept away by the tsunami that the earthquake triggered.  Not long ago, it was Christchurch. Now, Japan. As if this is not enough, other countries gets tsunami warning following the disaster happened in Tokyo (Japan). Apparently, even my hometown which is the west coast of Sabah (Kota Kinabalu) is warned with high rise of sea level and huge waves. This just made me more upset through the day having to worry bout friends and family back home. I pray that everything will be alright. Please, be safe. Please please please. 

Honestly, when I found out bout the news bout this acquaintance of mine, I was out of words. Though I was not close to him, my mind went blank for some time and I was wondering what has happened to him. I didn't get to know what was the cause till later of the day. It was heart attack. Mind you, he is just as old as I am. Heart attack? I couldn't register it in my brain. I then thought to myself, life is so short. There are so many random things that come knocking on your door surprising you every now and then. Just like this guy, there are many times that I wanted to chat with him on facebook whenever I see him online to catch up.Yet, I never bother to do so, giving myself reason there is always next time. Now, I would never get the chance to do it anymore since there is no more next time. He is not around for the non existence next time anymore. My heart sunk. I have to say that at this age, I do not expect to receive news of death bout my friend/s especially those who are just around my age. Not when you didn't even see it coming. This is not my first time and it surely sucks. It just proves how life can be so......unpredictable. 

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