Friday, July 12, 2013


I was driving to work yesterday morning when something uttered out from the radio station I tuned into that caught my attention. It was long and lengthy but what I could gather from the entire thing was summed up into this:

"Appreciate the difference in others as we are all human who are unique in our own way. When you learn to do that, you would see more goodness in others."

I couldn't help but to agree more on that. I have always been a firm believer about us humankind are difference individuals that are made unique. A pair of twins might look the same, might think very very very similarly but there will always be something that made each individual special just by being who they are. 

I think it is just human's nature to think that we are right all the time. Having that, some might even think that others that do not share the same thinking like them are just wrong. That shouldn't be that case isn't it? It is when we can accept that other people have the right to think that they are right for being who they are also just like we think that it is perfectly fine for us to be who we are. 

Hence, the whole I reminded myself to learn to accept the differences in others to see others in a better limelight. It is only then that we would be able to see others in a different limelight, hence making this world a better place to live in. 

Make love, not war. 


Yours truly.

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